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How to induce a miscarriage herbally (and safely)


I have a disability that often keeps me away from this post (and just about everything else) for days and sometimes weeks at a time so I cannot guarantee you a timely answer to your question, but I have noticed that A LOT of the questions asked have been covered either in this post or in the comments. I have very little energy due to my medications and I do not wish to spend it repeating myself, so PLEASE read carefully and look for your answer before you ask a question.


And those of you who take the time to come back and tell us about your experience I thank you. It is good for others to know how this went for someone in the same position.

I have used this to positive results 3 times. Given the lack of access to bc and abortion in much of the US I would like to share this with all of you. Copy it, pass it around, send it to your friends. It is cheap and accessible to all. Obviously if there are any health problems or adverse side effects contact a doctor. My friends and I have used this with very little complications, but I just want to put that disclaimer out there as all bodies are different and yours may react differently then ours. Feel free to ask a natropath/herbalist/physician/gynaecologist.

It can only be used up to 3 weeks after a missed period, but the sooner the better. I've done it within the first week of missing my period and it's always brought it back for me. The best time to start it is on the 1st or second day of the missed period.

You will need:
Fresh parsley (preferably organic...I don't want pesticides in my vagina, so I go organic)
500 mg pills/capsules of Vitamin C (Try not to get pills with Bioflavonoids such as Rose Hips. These PREVENT miscarriage.)

The treatment can last 3 days: DO NOT EXCEED 3 DAYS!! This will work or not within 2/3 days.

1. Insert a fresh sprig of parsley as far as possible into the vagina. (parsley induces contractions, yum) Change every 12 hours. When soft, it may be difficult to remove, but this is not dangerous.

2. At the same time, drink parsley infusions. 2 to 6 tablespoons 4 times a day.

Making an infusion: use 2 1/2 cups of boiling water for every ounce of parsley (If you buy it at the store, minus 2/3 stems (for sprigs) this should be the amount of water used to make the tincture). Add parsley to boiling water, remove from heat and cover. Very important that you remove from heat IMMEDIATELY upon adding the parsley. Boiling the water with the parsley in there will make the infusion less effective. Let it steep for at least 20 minutes (the longer it steeps, the more potent it will be. I usually let it steep for 2 hours.

3. During the 3 days (or until your period starts) take high doses of Vitamin C orally. Ideally, take 500 mg every hour up to 6000 mg. You can continue using the Vitamin C for up to 6 days. Vitamin C can bring on menstruation even 3 weeks after a "late" period. you can begin taking Vitamin C immediately after unsafe sex, or if the condom broke, etc.

If successful you should start to bleed in 2 to 3 days.
-You may have cramps (I get 'em bad after doing this) and you can take whatever you usually take for cramps or make a ginger infusion and take that.
-The chances of success are less if you regularly take high doses of Vitamin C
-High amounts of Vitmain C can cause loose stools. No one I know has experienced this, but is has been known to happen.
-Do not use if you have kidney problems.
-Watch for signs of Toxicity Specific to Parsley: Nausea, hallucinations, vomiting, vertigo, hives, paralysis, liver swollen and
painful, urine scanty and darkly colored, and tremors.

I've often noticed that on the second night I start emanating heat. Seriously I feel like a space heater. This is ok, it's just a side effect of the high doses of Vit. C and to me signifies that it worked and I will get my period soon (generally that night/next morning)


I DO NOT know anything about adding Dong Quai, so DO NOT ask me about it. I don't know.

Credit for information: Hot Pantz Blood Sisters Collective, Montreal, Quebec.

Answers to FAQ
1. Your age will not affect whether this will work or not. If you are old enough to menstruate and get pregnant then you are old enough or this to be effective.

2. I do not know individual Vitamin C brands. I do not know how time release would work as there is no evidence as to if/how it has worked. I know that Vit. C with Rose Hips has worked, but it is preferential that if you can get Vit. C without Bioflavonoids that you do as this works better. Bioflavonoids should be labeled as such on the bottle.

3. I can't tell you how much an ounce of parsley is. I've only ever seen parsley sold in bunches (which I weighed at more then an ounce) so I just take a few sprigs and dump the rest of the bunch into 2-2 1/2 cups of water. Stores have scales so if you're worried there should be a scale in the produce section or at the very least in the deli.

4. There is no difference between Italian (flat) or curly parsley.

5. Always use fresh parsley.

6. If this doesn't work and you decide to carry to term there will be no adverse effects caused by the vitamin C.

COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED. I have not had the time to publish, reject, or respond to the 200+ that are in my inbox right now nor do I forsee being able to keep up with them in the future. Furthermore I have not seen a post asking a question that hasn't been answered in the comments here yet and reiterate my statement that you should read the comments carefully b/c they will answer you comments. I wish you all the best of luck and feel free to start your own communities to talk about things like this.


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Kathryn said...

Hi, I'm in need of some information and I'm not sure if anyone has asked this yet.

Will the vitamin C and parsley work if you are on the pill? I missed three pills last month, but finished my pack. I got what I guess you could call a "period," but it only lasted three days and wasn't heavy at all, like mine normally are. I have been pregnant in the past and have miscarried and have noticed the same symptoms now as when I was pregnant.

I'd like to try this method, but I'm wondering if I need to stop taking this month's pack first (I'm assuming yes). Also, does anyone know if it's possible to be pregnant while on the pill (in a case like mine) AND have some bleeding while taking the inactive pills? I haven't been able to find a straight answer anywhere.

Thanks in advance for any information.

DesperatlyHoping said...

I'm so glad I found this site. Many of you can share in my excitement. I'm 16 and I have a baby girl. I've been HUGELY irresponsible and I'm scared that I may be pregnant after every time me and my boyfriend have sex. I know I shouldn't be doing it in the first place but we all make mistakes dont we? Anyways, I am two days late for my period and freaking out. Although I can't be completely sure I'm pregnant, I'm terribly worried. I plan on making a trip to the store first thing tomorrow morning and getting pure vitimin C along with some parsly. All the stories of success on this site have given me some encouragement. Thank you so much for that. Please if you have any advice for me PLEASE share.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you provide this site! Women should have the natural choice to make. I'm headed to get the vitamin C now. I'm going to call the local "fresh" market and see if they have some organic parsley. I will keep you posted. Again, I have to tell you how much I appreciate this site.

Anonymous said...

I just started the combo of parsley and Vit C, and am on my second day. Nothing noticeable yet, although I noticed something missing that usually happens when I have a ton of vitamins. Usually my pee will be neon yellow, and it's not. any clue why?

Also, not to encourage the abortion pill (I hear it's not so good on your body) or a clinical abortion when the baby is starting to look like a baby or anything, but to the people up there who said "I can't afford the $400 pill"... having a baby will cost you waaaay more than that. :-/

Darn, I hope this works. It figures. I wait 25 years to have sex, and this is what I get, right? lol. Ahhhhhh.....

Shayla said...

So i was looking everywhere to see something about having a safe miscarriage. and i came upon your site! i was like so happy when i saw this.

But i dont know if it makes a difference but i have a question.

Im 15 so i cant go to the store like i can and buy some parsley leaves and say i need it. But i found my parents had parsley flakes their like bits so i am inserting it in my vagina. So is it still the same? Or is it still the same.

Anonymous said...

I had my last period ended on Friday the 3rd of October, so I am one of the lucky ones that knows her body and knew to take a preg test. I took 2, one cheap one and a digital one. Both positive. I also had my gyn appointment on the 13th and figured she would have said something. By my calculations I can't be more than 2 weeks along. I found this website last night and went to the store this morning. I am taking Vitamin C (TWINLAB C-500mg) capsules every hour and Natures Way Parsley Leaf Capsules as well. They are 450mg. I also inserted the capsule in to my vagina as it seems easier. I started this morning and will put a new post up as soon as it works. (if it works) The bottle of parsley capsules cleary says NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY...

Good luck to all...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this post. I was sure I wasn't pregnant but it was stressing me out something awful. I just wanted to bring it forward but I'm not due my period for a week. I'm going to let my friends know of this method if they are ever uncertain. It was my first time and I'm telling my boyfriend I won't go through all the worrying again. Thank you again for putting my mind at rest.

crazy said...

I am married and we were planning on me getting pregnant which I did, but I never told my husband. I am glad becase I recently found out that he is cheating on me. I had already tried the vit. c but hadn't heard of the parsely. The vit. C didn't seem to work even though I carried it around in my pocket eating it like it was candy. I am going to try it again also with the parsely. I have insurance but they won't cover and since I don't work I don't have money to come up with for an abortion. I'm still trying. I had one many years ago but I would rather not go that way again. I wish I could find a number to talk to someone but everything in the phone book is for something else. And I have to be careful because I can't let my husband know what is going on. I even took off my wedding ring because of his cheating ways.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone I am 25 and I aredy had two abortions and I just found out that I am prego again. After reading this article I went to the store and got some Vit C. and I did the parsley thing. So far its my day1 and im noticing that my legs got swallen!!!! I dont know if its from the Vit C?. I dont see any change yet I hope this will work.

Ligeia said...

There is a new book on herbal and other homemade abortions. It is called Natural Liberty: Rediscovering Self-Induced Abortion Methods by Sage-femme Collective.
Google books has a preview:

and the Sage-femme Collective has a website:

I am mainly interesting in the information on how to use yoga for fertility regulation, but they also have instructions for the use of pharmaceutical drugs, menstrual extraction, herbs, and acupuncture.
I ordered a copy but it has not arrived, and I happened upon this blog searching for a review of the book.

Anonymous said...

dear lostclown thanks for posting this i was in a bad position and need to lose my baby. i started this on a friday night and by saturday night i was bleeding and lost my baby

chellirae said...

I came across this blog when I was four days late for my period. I started the parsley infusion right away and vitamin c around noon. Today is day three and no response. I have had a little cramping but no different than in the last two weeks. Here is the situation: Last period start Sept. 26th. I have 25 day cycles. I felt like I ovulate in the first week of October. I slept with someone on the 10th and 15th, unprotected (pullout). I was due for my period on the 20th and nothing. I took a test at three days late then four and five- all negative. I was told that it would not show up until the 29th. I have a pap appt. on the 27th and also a consultation, ironically enough, for the non-hormonal IUD. I'm wondering since there is no bleeding or anythin, did I not ovulate or is this just not working for me? Can someone help?

Siobhan said...

This is amazing, thank you so much for posting. I can't believe things like this are not more commonly known, its ridiculous. I do not know if I was actually pregnant but I was 5 days late and I'm usually like clockwork, been pregnant before 3 years ago and had to abort and definitely do not want to go through that again. After reading this, I started on the vitamin c yesterday, boiled up the parsley tea drank it before bed and also put the sprig up there, and this morning, woke up and had my period!

As I said, I do not know if I was infact pregnant or whether it was just late due to stress, but the parsley definitely helped induce my period, and I find that amazing. Thanks so much. Such a relief. I wish I'd known about these methods when I was younger, maybe I would not have had to have an abortion.

Chellirae said...

Hello everyone. I can say it worked! Yes! I thought I was going to be one of the ones it didn't work for. Today is the 27th of Oct. Previous period started Sept. 26th. I have 25 day cycles to the letter, the past four months. I slept with someone on the 10th and 15th of Oct. so when I did a preg. test on the 23rd, it was too early, I guess and said neg. I was told that it only picked up if the egg had gotten fertilized from the 8th and back so I was supposed to wait until the 29th to do another. I have a pap today and consultation for the non-hormonal IUD. I made this appt. last week when I was still expecting my period (on the 20th). I just figured for the first day, that maybe my cycle length was finally getting longer (I was concerned about preg. too) I took preg. test on the 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th (very paranoid)all neg. My sister came across this website on the 24th so I started the tea in the morning on the 25th and the vit. c around noon. Nothing but slight cramping up until day three (26th) of the regimen. I got worried even more so I finally put the sprig up inside. I made sure, even though I know it doesn't matter, it was right at the cervix opening. I started cramping more than I had been. I had only had it in for 4 hours or so when I remembered that I wasn't supposed to have anything up there 24hrs prior to my pap, lol! I was thinking, "I wonder what kind of results they will get?" I kept up with everything else. I would keep going to the bathroom and be disappointed after I would wipe and no blood. Well, this morning I got up to pee and wiped the first time, nothing. I wiped again and yea!!!!!!! blood!! Not much but enough. I don't know if I was pregnant or not. I'm not sure why my period would have been so late. I have been sick with a bad sinus infection for three weeks but sickness has NEVER affected my period before, why start now? I want to thank everyone for putting posts up of their experiences. I sat and read them all day yesterday. I have had an abortion before and I do not want to do it again. It was eleven years ago and they made me wait until I was over 12 weeks before they would do it.g I thought it was illegal to do second trimester abortions in Wa. state. I still have the paperwork where they wrote that I was too early and needed to come back after 12wks gestation, or something like that. It was a horrible experience to go to my dad's for the summer (I was 17 when this happened-CONDOM BROKE only time we used one, haven't used them since, one other time, it slipped off) and have to know I had a baby inside me and it was just growing by the day. This is why I wanted to take care of it before anything was happening. I do not want to go through an abortion again. I am a proud single mom of two beautiful girls, 3yrs and 4yrs. I didn't feel I needed another right now.
I'm allergic to corn, also and I can not handle medication; I throw up. I was not on any bc, it messed with my body too much. I have had luck listening to my body for the last year. I hadn't slept with a lot of people. We all have the times when our body is acting weird and it's not as easy to know when we're ovulating (I could swear I already had, I felt it, cramping, I always do). So, I won't know if I was preg. but at least I have peace of mind now that my period has started. I don't know how much they will like it during my exam, but oh well. I will hopefully get the IUD as soon as possible. I will probably stay away from guys all together until it's done, lol.
Thank you Lost Clown for posting this blog and thank you everyone, again, for your experiences. I hope everything works out for everyone. -Chellirae

Anonymous said...

I found this post when I googled for an at home abortion solution. It worked!!!!!!! Thank you so much for providing this information. I started the vitamin c as soon as I realized I was pregnant and sure enough after a couple of days, I was spotting and passed some lining! W00T!

sothankful said...

I started the Vitamin C last Thursday 10/23. Did't get the full 6000mg in on that day, but did faithfully since Friday 10/24. Did the infusion tea on Friday and part of Saturday. Really didn't want to insert the parsley into my vagina. On Saturday 10/25 I was feeling nothing!!! I figured I better follow the entire routine if I wanted it to work. Started crampin on Sunday night, yeah! Spotted a little on Monday. Awoke today to red blood. Yeah again. My question is this: its not normal or very heavy. Should I believe it worked if the bleeding doesn't get any heavier? And should I continue with the parsley inserts and vitamin C until the flow is heavier?

Thank you so much for the post. And I apologize. I posted anon on 10/20 before I realized you didn't like. I really apprecite this site and will pass to any female in need.

Anxiously awaiting your answers!

Clueless Child said...

i cant find parsley but i'm usin vit, c. any oda suggestions?

Anonymous said...

UGH, I'm on day 3 and this is so not working. No cramping, no nothing. I was really hoping it would.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't look like anyone checks this often. but i am just starting this vit c and parsley process. i keep getting inconclusive results with home tests. (i think it is just an "evaporation line"- but i want to be safe)

the funny thing is- i started this yesterday and wrote everything down but wrote celery instead of parsley so i spent a day walking around with a "sprig" of celery in my vagina. just thought it was kind of funny, made me laugh at the situation i am in a little at least.

Anonymous said...

About a week ago I was late for about 4 days and knowing how my body works, I was worried to death. Found this site on the web and decided to try it out. All I can say is... thank the heavens it worked for me! I hope it will work too for those in the same boat as I was in. Thank you so much LC, you're a life-saver!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I am a proud parent of a wonderful 9 yr old boy... 1/2 way through and wanting to start over agin with another baby...alone.. My deepest empathy for every woman who has come to this place.
What doesnt kill us, makes us stronger. Having the strength to know that we arent ready for a baby is a gift of will and clearity.

Sagefemme Collective said...

Natural Liberty: Rediscovering Self-Induced Abortion Methods is a guidebook to self-induced abortion, from medical abortion, menstrual extraction, herbal methods (forty herbs discussed) massage, yoga, and more...

Natural Liberty is available for preview on GoogleBooks and available for sale on Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon.uk.
For more information go to:

Clueless Child said...

Me again
I've seen it
Scream Alleluia
N d strange part is dat dis broke me n my bf up when nutin else could
I'm partially sad n partially psyched
But d vit c stuff works
My tongue maybe bruised from licking 6o tablets a day but itz worth it
Cramps r killin me
Late y'all
N this page is mad cuz it made me feel less alone
Lovin it

lost clown said...

Ligeia: I look forward to reading the book and will post a review when I do.

Anon 31/10/08-13:53: You can take the vit C for up to 5 days, so don't give up.

Anon 1/11/08: hehehe

jules said...

i'm 16 living in ireland (they're all catholic sexist fascists that think its fun to push their beliefs on the likes of me) and wanna say thanks very much for the recipe i'm running down to tesco first thing tomorrow, i'm 2 days late and pretty fucken scared. i've heard that taking really hot baths can work too for anyone who wants to give it a go. you're awesome.


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