Sunday, February 12, 2006

Sunday Search Results Blogging (Yes, some pervert alerts)

Misspellings (or, how porn makes you stupid)

OK, as I said last week if you're looking for Horney women, you've come to the right place, but if you were actually looking for horny women then you need to go elsewhere. Try spell check next time all right? You'd think turning up a bunch of pages on Karen Horney might tip these folks off, but no, they keep coming. And horny is not spelled hore-ny either, but those pages deal more with what I suspect you're looking for If you were indeed looking for Karen Horney, then you've come to the right place, that woman was a genius!

Dear old Reston, VA: either this is epidemic down there or you keep clicking on my link for no apparent reason, but I will not divulge "how to make your man horney [sic]" As I said last week, if I knew, I would change them, capisce? G-d knows we need more Horneyites. But since I think you were asking a totally different question: if you are smart, independant, and confident in yourself you should have no problem making anyone "horney [sic]" so please, be your beautiful self, and if that's not enough for that jackass, I say leave.

The Good, the Funny, and the Disgusting (I leave it to you to figure out which is which.)

Kill you with my brain -Now this is a quote from River Tam of the Fireflyverse and was something I posted in response to a commenter who said that if more of us acted like Zoe in telling off the sexist Jhayne and saying that she could "hurt him." I responded by saying I prefered to tell guys that I could "Kill you with my brain" and viola, another Whedon fan found my site (but apparently wasn't a fan of it.)

"Are there bad effects to believe thing [sic] happen for no reason?"-Minneapolis, MN
Ummm, err, how the hell did you get here? Let's see if I can help you: not anymore bad efects then the people who believe everything happens because of a higher power/g-d type.

"Why do women get angry looking at pictures of abortions?" Let me tackle this one for you, because the pictures that the right-wingers use are FALSE. No fetus has fully developed arms and hands at 8 weeks. THEY LIE and that, my friend is why we get angry at seeing them.

"Why do men stop calling for no reason" Because they're misogynist, patriarchal fucktards who probably didn't deserve you in the first place.

"angry feminist rant" from Switzerland. You didn't even stay long enough to read all my rants.

"my humps" "bootylicious" -Copenhagen. Those are horrible, horrible songs. I suggest you look into listening to songs that don't objectify women (even if they are objectifying themselves.)

"masturbate angry girl" PERVERT ALERT! I don't even know what to say to this, except how the hell you found my site I have no idea. And that you are going to a very special hell indeed. Along with the next guy:

"masturbate girl crying" so two guys who get off on women in pain, eh? Next time I'm tracking you down (through the internets, I see your IPs) you sick fuckheads. And your still going to a very special hell.

"images anorexia counterproductive photographs" -Santa Fe Springs, CA. What? i can't figure out what's going on with this one.

"bootylicious pole dancing wear" -Wickford, UK I do not sell clothing (although I hesitate to call that stuff clothing) there's too much to say, I'll leave it to your imagination.

"sleep and masculinity" Pakistan -huh? I'm very confused by this one. I thought you would be too. How is my essay on compulsive masculinity have anything to do with sleep. it's so confusing.

"frank miller livejournal hurt comics" Manchester, NH Again, I must say huh? I am so confused by these searches.

Top Searches
I'm still getting plenty of hits for "dov charney American Apparel sexism", and a new one which is "American Apparel Pornographic" who stayed for 24 minutes! YAY!

Also, those looking to not do their homework and form critiques on any of Kate Chopin's short stories READ THE DAMN STORY. I will not do your homewrok for you, and these brilliant pieces of social commentary/fiction so get on with it. I suspect it will take you less time to read the story then to find what you're looking for on the web, especially if you keep coming to my site.

Variations on "How to induce a miscarriage" or "how to induce your period" what you want is here.
I'd also like to point out that this is the top search of the week. I'm glad they come here, because I'm glad to know that they're getting correct information and not being told to drink toxic herbs.


Lina said...

Do you remember that bit in Mulholland (sp) Drive where she's crying and masturbating. Heard somewhere that that is considered very erotic.
Normally I'd insert angry or sarcastic comment, but really... Just don't know what to say...

Biting Beaver said...

I love the list! I'm all for calling this sickos out, the crap I get is intensly disturbing but dude, these guys are interacting with REAL women all day long. Calling them out might just embarrass them enough to stop. And the really dangerous ones just need to be reported.

*sigh* It sure does say alot about this world when men are looking for women in pain to masturbate to.

the nut said...

Hah! Then you'll love these:

One person found my blog by looking for "why is coretta scott famis." I think they'd have better luck if they spelled famous right, don't you? Perhaps I should link them to Wikipedia somehow.

Then I have, what I can only assume to be a guy, searching for "nut on my girl feet." And then another, again assuming, guy is searching for "texas women naked blogspot."

This is a new one, "why we should permitted the abortion."

This just makes me wonder about the state of our nation.

(Psst. Just a suggestion: you may want to compose posts in Word first, where you can check your own grammar and spelling. It's what I do and works much better at catching some of my dosies.)

lost clown said...

ah, my editor is on vacation

nubian said...

haha this is funny
it's even more funny that you answered or addressed their search terms

Sam said...

clare, David Lynch has a pornographized hatred of women that stands out even in the misogynistic hills of Hollywood. The women in his movies all seem to get off on abuse and pain just like porn says they should.