Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My poor little girly brain is HAPPY!

So I hope you all know that Larry Summers President of Harvard and fucktard who made the statement that women are genetically inferior to men and that's why there are less women then men in science and math. You can get refreshed on his comments in a transcript of his speech. (Remember, Catholics are also underrepresented in the sciences.)

Now anyone with a brain (I don't include Summers here) knows that boys and men are given preferential treatment in our schools, and that biologically 2 X chromosomes versus an X and a Y chromosome have no bearing on how good you will do in math and science. I wonder what must be wrong with all us women who are entering math and science related fields in higher and higher numbers every year. Does this mean that one of my X chromosomes is broken? Of course this was not the reason for him stepping down, the comments, and the vote of no confidence from the staff happened over a year ago.

Poking around on the internets looking for articles to link to I found this gem. The author (a woman) Amity Shlaes wrote this misguided paragraph:
Last year, Summers angered women's studies majors by noting a simple reality once you get three standard deviations out there on math aptitude tests, you find more boys than girls. The president's point was that even if you didn't like that fact, you probably wanted to address it. But the professors swarmed him, ending the debate. (emphasis mine)
Yes, only women studies majors were offended, and not the plethora of women in math and science related fields. Not to mention the fact that those tests are made for white males and not females, although we all take them. What about how racist the tests are as well? Are you saying it's a fact that people of colour are also genetically inferior and that's the reason why science (in this country anyway) is so white? Can you stop talking out your patriarchy kissing ass?

I know that I personally took no issue with this as a physics student, but then again, one of my X chromosome must be mutated since I seem to do well in physics. (I also must be a freak since I have 15% more spinal fluid. Why should that be used for boys only. I couldn't sit still in school either.) So I must be a grade A freak, not being able to sit still for long drawn out periods of time and doing well in science. Good thing dear Amity here is a journalist and not one of the women (like me) who are struggling to break through the "tungsten ceiling" as my friend calls it.

I would encourage everyone to let the author know exactly how fucked up this kind of thinking is. It's hard enough to battle the rampant sexism in physics without people who don't know what they're talking about agreeing with misogynist beliefs that women are innately worse at math and science.

You can write her at Let's expose her to what our poor little illogical girly brains can do, shall we?

Also just in case you missed it the first time, the physicists over at Cosmic Variance wrote and amazing post on women in science. It's a good read, I was very happy to find it. (Oh and Amity: It was a male physicist who wrote the entry so his brain is fully formed and able to deal with all those details my poor girly brain can't possibly understand.)


Violet Socks said...

Just wanted you to know the post title made me giggle. I'm still giggling. Thanks!

lost clown said...

It's one of my new favourite sayings (well, the poor girly brain part). Glad it makes you giggle too!

Biting Beaver said...

*nod*, I'm on it! *grin*

lost clown said...


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