Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Women's rights 0

WHy are people allowed to look at porn in the public library?

Yep, apparently "free speech" triumphs again in the DC area library system. But not women's civil rights. No apparently we should be subjected to dehumanising porn everywhere we go, including the library. Well, fuck that. I see nothing wrong with disallowing porn at PUBLIC libraries. Apparently the libraries have a sexual harrassment policy that forbids the "display of offensive or obscene printed or visual material." but the constitution does not. Well, more reasons to never live in the DC area. All libraries I've been to and most community centers forbid the viewing of porn on their computers to make it a safe environment for everyone. Women as usual, are not people and do not have the right to not be degraded in public libraries. Bastards.


Andrea said...

I read that report and found it totally ridiculous. I'm not sure I've ever heard of a public library in the UK allowing people to view porn.
For a start, what if there are kids around..?

CoathangrrR said...

The big deal with this is not that it is OK to look at porn. The big deal is that there are federal agents patrolling libraries. The guy they wanted to pull out of the library could have been looking at a site about breast cancer (which many of the censor programs block, by the way).

That said, it does seem really absurd that libraries will let people look at porn in libraries, but remember that feminists in the early 20th century were prosecuted under obsenity laws for passing out birth control information.

lost clown said...

Totally different. Obscenity laws aside, devaluation of one half the human population commited by porn and repeated porn viewing is not ok, not anywhere, and especially not in a library b/c that then makes libraries hostile environments for women.