Friday, February 24, 2006

Need someone to berate?

Well here's another guy whining about a feminist blogger refusing to publish abusive and anti-feminist comments.

Maia's post on Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty is a good read, I suggest you check it out first.


Rick said...

Need someone to berate?

Come and get me FemiNazis.

lost clown said...

Oh thanks Rush. I love all the rabid right wingers I attract. Leave your bullshit misogyny for your own site and leave my friends alone.

ms. jared said...

oh good lord. wah, wah, wah.

it's interesting how anti-feminist men can say that we're claiming victimhood. they're the ones always whining about us "silencing" them when they start spouting off their ridiculous crap/abuse. because they are the real victims, dontcha know? boo hoo hoo.

it's always, always, always about the men. they've got it soooo rough out there. barf.

xoxo, jared

Biting Beaver said...


Looks like you got a live one. The funny thing is that it's the MEN who always seems to whine and complain when someone won't listen to what they say, and they accuse us of being emotional.

I recently had a ruckus over at my place when I posted something telling men that I will not allow them to shout down/over my female readers. No shit, I was immediately bombarded with emails from angry men saying that I was 'unfair' and that I was 'censoring' them.

And of course, we have the man who insisted that he would love to see 'ball-busting emasculating women in black take over' until I told him to Shut Up and go away. He got pissed over it, I had to point out with some irony that I AM a dominant woman and that this is what a dominant woman looks like, not some leather toy that pleases you but a person who pleases herself.

And, if the best he can do is 'feminazi' then he hasn't been moving in radical circles very long *grin*

lost clown said...

deleted b/c it broke the rules so obviously posted in my sidebar, and I quote: "And if you're mean, misogynistic, or in any other way effed up I will delete you. And yes, it is at my discretion. Whine about it elsewhere."

And no one here's a girl. Take it elsewhere.

Scream all you want about censorship: my blog, my rules. And I so nicely posted them for everyone to see.

Victoria Marinelli said...

Thought you should know I linked this post from an entry at my own site. The context of the link was as follows, in a paragraph referencing the manner in which "...anti-feminists delight in trolling feminist blogs; see this post by 'lost clown' at her blog angry for a reason..."

The post containing that excerpt, if you wish to read it, may be found here.

Best wishes - V.

Anonymous said...

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