Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Speaking of kids

(yes there will be another post on kids tommorrow. Is it me or does the feminist blogosphere tend to all talk about similar things at the same time?)

Anywho....anyone in Canada should all ready know about Stephen Harper's less then adequate childcare plan of giving $1200/year to parents instead of creating more daycare centers and more adequate childcare. BC welcomes this plan! Seriously, everyday I come up with more reasons to hate the BC liberals. I need to get off this continent. It's going to drive me insane.

Instead of the $600 million for childcare that BC would have recieved we are instead getting a piddly sum to "pay for childcare" that amounts to about $100/month. Anyone with kids would know that this is not near enough to cover childcare expenses. So apparently the rabid rightwingers want us to not only keep unwanted babies, but then we should also try who'll take care of our kids for $100/month. OK Harper, why couldn't you just stick to the Liberals plan. As much as I hate them your head is obviously shoved further up your ass then I thought possible.

Fuck. I just want to sleep through the conservative years. Is that possible?


Joida said...

It's not a "childcare plan". It's an allowance for parents. It's nothing new. They just call it a "childcare plan" because they think people are stupid.

lost clown said...

I know. Yet a lot of people voted for them. *le sigh*

the nut said...

Can it be any worse then Shrub and his insistent whining/complaining/ destroying our country thing he's got going on? And we can't just kick him out like your parliament did. Well, we can, but it's called impeachment and it's not gonna happen anytime soon I gather.

But seriously, I 2nd your need to sleep through the conservative years. My luck though, I'd be asleep 'til I'm 40 (I'm 30 now).

lost clown said...

I live on the border and get the best of both worlds. Put it this way Bush is *happy* that Harper got elected.

lost clown said...

Misogynistic comment deleted. Next time be man enough to leave a name, jackass.

Mamid said...

I'm wondering if BC's welfare ministry is going to claw that bonus back from welfare recipients. After all, you should be working, not sitting on your ass to get that bonus. UGH.

lost clown said...

I have no idea. I don't trust the Liberals at all. I'm very scared. (or angry, pick one I osscilate between the two)

mel said...

Hi, i have been reading the entries about the parsley and vitamin C and have a question for you ladies. What if the vit C isnt with rose hips but it does say lemon bioflavin(or something like that). Another question i hope not to be too graphic but i feel like i can trust people like know that whole think about precome having sperm in it...really..what are the chances of that if lets say it happened...once or twice..or however many times? i know its dangerous and extremely dumb..but trust me im so nervous right now ive learned from my mistake.

thank you,