Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Polish woman goes blind b/c she was denied an abortion

Yep, you heard it here. Catholic Poland would rather a woman go blind and have to struggle by with 3 kids on disability (140 Euros/month) then grant her an abortion, even though her doctors said that this may happen if she had another kid.

Poland apparently allows abortions if the woman or the fetus is in danger, but not in any other case, and apparently to the godbags in Poland going blind is more of a mere inconvenience then it is a danger. I mean, she's still alive right? Then what's the problem?
The European Court of Human Rights cannot throw out Poland's laws, but it could rule that Ms Tysiac's rights have been violated.
Mmm...thanks, glad to know that you thought something was wrong with that situation. Also glad to see with the collapse of communism the godbags were able to assert themselves and make abortion nearly impossible to obtain. Good job guys, I'm sure god loves you for protecting all those lives.....wait, what about those poor women? Maybe they should have thought twice before they were born a woman. It's their own fault really. That and the sex, they definitely aren't supposed to do that, unless they're married then they should, but only for procreation. WHat the hell was that woman doing spreeading her legs if she didn't want to procreate!

It's funny, I'm usually so busy with other things that abortion rarely flies onto my radar, but tales like this make me remember that the US could be like this soon. (Yes I believe in women's choice, but my conversations/actions are about many more things that aare not abortion. I occasionally write a letter, call a senator, etc., but I usually don't think about it. I've also been able to induce miscarriage twice herbally. That may also have something to do with it.)