Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I'm happy with the top 8, it should be well known to blog readers that I thought Kameron only made it as far as he did because of the audience's love for Lacey, and I was right *pat pat pat*. On to the dances! (Again live blogging this as not to waste recycled tree products.) To vote (if you get this in the 2 hours after the show, i.e. after this post is published) the number is 1-888-83676-(insert the number next to the person's name).

Danny (02) and Sara (01)
Argentine Tango:
Hot hot hot! If you read my weekly recaps/critiques it should come as no surprise that I LOVE this pairing. And not only that, but they did wonderfully. The judges were dead on with the fact that Sara is the most transformed dancer, anything that gets thrown at her she does with grace and great technique. Again, Danny dances like an angel, and his pirouettes were simply amazing. The chemistry was there, he was always there for Sara, and his carriage and frame throughout the dance were spot on. This dance should keep them out of the bottom 4. *jumping up and down with joy*

Hip Hop:
I hope Sara gets to show off her moves, because she's good. They work well together, no matter what Mary or Nigel says. They were together the whole time, though I agree that Sara definitely outshined Danny, but given how far this is from his style I thought he did incredibly well, screw the judges. (Though I may be slightly biased.)

Lauren (03) and Dominic (04)
Well I don't like it, I have no way to judge it, but I loved the Lauren running over Dominic move, especially now that I know she wasn't supposed to fall and made it seamlessly fit into the routine (from what I can tell, anyway). That takes a level of ability that is strong. So yay for her, good job.

1st off, Dominic needs to understand that all of the hottest Latin dancers wear Cuban heels. I caught a little misstep, I think it was a balance problem, from Lauren. Not good at this level of competetion. But the dance was HOT. They weren't really pushing their heels into the ground, which produces the hip action that Mary was talking about. If Lauren was more grounded and dancing into the floor she wouldn't have stumbled. It took me a long time to get off my toes (well, long enough to push my heels into the floor) in Latin dancing, but it is *very* important, especially when you're in a competition. They should have practiced pushing their heels down while going up the stairs slowly. It's the best and fastest way to learn. Plus it produces that super sexy hip action that Latin dancing is all about, and without it, it just ain't Latin. (I always said I wouldn't date a Lindy Hopper, but I would definitely date a Latin dancer.)

Lacey (05) and Neil (06)
Latin Jazz:
Sexy little dance, though it should have been sexy and was kind of tepid for me. Great lines and extension throughout, but the latin steps were off and their carriage for those places was strange and awkward. It lacked the passion that the routine required. I'm actually quite surprised with Lacey, who does Latin dance, that her steps and carriage were She could have done a lot better, especially because she knows how the steps are supposed to look and feel. But she's never going to be in the bottom 4 no matter how badly she dances, plus there's another dance to go. *shrug*

It was so beautiful, it gave me shivers. Very touching, but I think in part because of what Mia said before the performance. Ok, it made me teary eyed, I've got to be honest. I have no critiques, as I just got lost in it, which made the dancing amazing.

Pasha (08) and Sabra (07)
Funny. Broadway always feels to me like it should just be judged on the performance because it's so insane. I thought the characterisations were great. The first move, the roll thing, was amazing. Love it, and I love watching Broadway routines on the show, so I can be picky. WOO WOO!

Pasha is the perfect partner for anyone who's never done this dance before. Love Pasha's sparkly pinstripe pants. Pinstripes are sexy on their own. Pasha, as always, has perfect form in partner dances. I feel like I don't need to continue praising Pasha for the same things every week. You know he kicks ass in ballroom and has perfect form and wonderful steps. 'Nough said. Sabra had great frame, which is a lot easier when you have a partner with a great frame as well. Her carriage and both of their steps were amazing. Between this routine and the one before, they really are the top performers of the evening.

Voting for Sara, Danny, Pasha, and Sabra. Really impressed by Sara and Danny's tango. Not an easy dance to pull off by any means. I'm so happy they did so good because I love them so much. *squee*


Tony said...

Even though I have no dance experience, I've been watching this show religiously since it debuted, and I'm starting to get a feel for it. After listening to the judges week after week, I have picked up enough of the lingo to verbalize why I thought a dance didn't feel right, which is fun for me. I agree with all your comments and I'm predicting the loss of Dom and Lauren.

After that, I think America is going to start disappointing you. :(

manxome said...

Yay! Now that I've watched my recording, I pretty much agree. I come from the "I just love to watch because I'm so uncoordinated" school.

Danny makes my drooly jaw drop. Just beautiful. And Sara's on a streak for me.

momo said...

Pasha and Sabra were the stars tonight for me! I gather a lot of people didn't like Mia's routine because they thought it was "manipulative" or something, but I loved it because it was risky to put something so raw out there, and that is what she is all about.

Monika said...

Cuban heels are really hard to balance on!

lost clown said...

If I can do it, anyone can. (I haven't worn heels in over a decade and I just started wearing them for dancing.