Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It's here, the last show (although IIRC they will be performing their favourite routines from the season tommorrow, which will be awesome and I really hope Neil chooses the good/bad routine with Lauren as I love it).

Lacey's solo was the best solo I've seen from her all competition. It finally made me see why she should be here, but with her earlier solos I couldn't really understand why she was still here. Though this is the point where you need to have a solid solo. (01)

Neil (OHHHHH! His favourite is the good/bad jazz routine!! I bet we see it tommorrow *SQUEE*) I never realised how beautiful and perfect his feet are. They are always in such a fine point. Beautiful. (02)

Danny (WOOOOOOOO) Again, say it with me, Danny dances like an angel. His turns, his leaps, they all look effortless and with great lines and form. Like Mary said, I will never get tired of watching him dance. Amazing. He is the best dancer of the final 4, but I know that doesn't mean he'll win. But no matter what he will have an amazing career as a dancer and I look forward to seeing him dance many times in the future. (03)

Sabra is such a powerful dancer. She really dances so large, it feels like there's no limit to it. I would not be disappointed at all if she beat Danny and won. She is definitely a strong dancer that is someone who is just as good as Danny, but in a different way. Her presence is overwhelming, in a good way, and Danny's dancing is pure bliss. They are the strongest dancers right now IMHO, but in two completely different ways. But that's the fun of art, two things can be equally as good and be very different from one another. (04)

Broadway (all):
I love Broadway. It's always such a pleasure to watch. The split leaps that Neil and Danny did were amazing. They make it look so effortless. It truly is a showcase of amazing dancers right now, they all had great technique and danced fabulously together.

Hip hop (Sabra and Neil):
I wasn't that into the choreography (sorry Shane). Neil didn't look sexy, he was making some funny faces, it definitely cracked me up. Neil did look very stiff and he seemed to be holding something back or lacking something. His stiffness of movement made some of their movements out of sync with each other. It definitely seemed too happy and not the sexy that Shane was going for.

Viennese Waltz (Danny and Lacey):
There should have been more rise in Lacey's waltz steps. Other then that it was very fluid and dreamlike in quality as the Viennese Waltz should be.

Jazz (?) (Sabra and Lacey):
Cute choreography. I liked the nuzzling. I agree with the judges that it didn't really showcase what they are capable of. I too am at a loss for what to say about the dancers.

Contemporary (Danny and Neil):
I wanna watch it again! AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!!! It was explosive, tense, and they had such great characters and played them well. They handled the physicality of the piece amazingly, and Danny's moves looked so amazing.

LINDY HOP!!!!! (Lacey and Neil):
All I can say is this dance is something I've been doing for well over a decade and will therefore be watching very closely. I don't trust them to get the true lindy hop, but we'll see. I want a good swing out or it's not lindy hop.

WEAK. Very little lindy hopping going on, and on the swing outs I did she Lacey did not move her hips enough. Their charleston was off, you they were not matched up at all in the timing of them. It definitely did not have the right energy for me, and the judges obviously don't know what good lindy hop should look like. Though it is not entirely their fault as that was so obviously a ballroomers take on lindy. Also those aren't the hardest lindy flips. For real good lindyhopping look at this. (BTW I've danced with Todd, he's amazing).

I guess I must be boring because I wasn't entertained.

Cha Cha (Sabra and Danny):
I love the way Danny uses his body, especially his hips in this number. They had some wonderful turns. Like mary said, there were some parts that were technically were flawed, but really I was more impressed by the magic that they created on the stage.


momo said...

I like your recaps! I thought Danny was at his best tonight all the way through. I thought the foxes routine was lovely, especially after a summer of "let's dress Lacey as a hooker!" choreographies.
The time for them to try to bootcamp the lindy was earlier in the season when they weren't exhausted. Poor Lacey, she got dumped a lot for that routine.

I loved Mia saying "I am the Queen of Hearts!"

Tony said...

Darn you and your West Coast delay! When I heard them announce the Lindy Hop, of course I thought of you. I suspected that the judges were going easy on them, but I needed to hear it from you.

I think that Danny is benefiting greatly from these final partnerships. Mia's routine was spectacular, but more importantly, these girls are two of the most charismatic and high energy. ( Next to Lauren, of course.) They are really helping him bring out his personality, at a time when he needs it the most.