Monday, August 13, 2007

SYTYCD eliminations

(live blogging)

I still don't get crumping. Maybe I'm just a dance snob, maybe I just don't like the whole bs "lookit me I'm so tough" persona, but whatever it is, I don't care. I think it's not really dancing and kinda stupid.

Sabra kicked ass in her solo, as did Neil (who incidentally I wouldn't have danced for if I had remembered to vote). Beautiful. Now I don't want to lose any of the guys now. I still think Lacey is the weakest link for the women, but I know better then that, and her solo could have been much MUCH better. (I didn't like her solo from Thursday either.)

1st woman safe:

1st man safe:
(please please be pasha or danny...they're all so good, but they are my favourites. I would be disappointed, but not terribly so, because Neil kicked ass on Thursday)

2nd woman safe:
please be sabra, please be sabra, please be sabra.
YAY! (Though I think Lauren should be there too)

2nd man safe:
Neil. Awwwwww Pasha. I'm so sad, I will miss the hell out of you. I wanted a ballroomer (other then Lacey) to be in the finale. I love Pasha. I kind of thought Danny may be off, I never thought Pasha would be.

Looking forward to the finale. I hope they get to pick their favourite dances from the year again, because Neil and Lauren's good/bad dance was AWESOME


Tony said...

Looking forward to Wednesday.

lost clown said...

I hope Lacey doesn't win. There are far stronger dancers, but I'm not stupid......just optimistic.

Tony said...

I agree that both Sabra and Danny are much stronger dancers than her, but I have to admit that I love her, and not just because of her brother. America is likely to agree with me.

Do you have your tickets for the tour, yet?

lost clown said...

Of course!

Are you going?

Tony said...

Yep, they're coming here October 3. All a-board! The Hot Tamale train is leaving the station.