Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I missed the first solo, I was pleasantly engaged.

Pasha: He had some good moves in there, but I felt that this was his weakest solo to date. Now I love Pasha, but it's a good thing people aren't voting on solos alone, because he has done much better and I'm afraid the other solos are going to outshine him, unless Lacey gives a piss poor solo like she did last week.

Lauren: Her solo was very moving. I felt she told her story really well, and I was entranced and moved by it.

Neil: I just realised how hard it is to critique the solos because at this point they are all doing wonderfully.

Lacey: Well her solo was better this week then it was last week, but compared to the other solos.....

Danny: He has amazing control in his dancing. He makes everything seem so effortless. Again he dances how angels dance. Beautiful. He definitely has my vote, he just shows how beautiful the art of dancing is. Beautiful.

Lauren and Danny
It was awesome. They are both amazing contemporary dancers. They move so gracefully across the stage and their lifts and throws and Lauren's recoveries from them were so beautiful and seamless.
That was a fun and upbeat. They were pulling off really hard moves.

Sabra and Neil
Wooo. They had great moves and terrific lines. They worked so well together. I'm really impressed with the partner dancing so far.
Paso Doble: Waiting to see if they'll pull this off. It's a really hard dance to do. LOVED the ending. Neil really had the character of the dance down pat.

Pasha and Lacey:
Smooth Waltz:
He moves so well, his frame and lines were gorgeous. There was great passion and Lacey's extension needed some work, she should have sharp lines at this point in the competition.

Sorry for being so brief in everything, but there's stupid drama that's distracting me.


Tony said...

I got engrossed in some work for the ACLU and I completely FORGOT TO WATCH! Aaaarrrgh!