Thursday, August 23, 2007


No more school until the end of September. Thank god!

And I aced my calc final. I took the question I got wrong on the last test and insted of just doing the triple integral in cartesian, I intergrated it in all coordinate systems. Guess what the 20 point question on the exam was? Same question, but using only cylindrical and spherical coordinates. Piece. of. cake. And everything else was so absurdly easy. I still think I don't know how to do LaGrange multipliers, but I bs-ed my way through them on the last test and only missed 2 points (I thought I was completely wrong and gave up after I found the min, which was ridiculously stupid b/c I wasn't wrong).

Now to the lake to hang out in the sun with my close amazing friend Ginni. Ahhhhhh summer. Finally.

I'm going to wait until I come back from Chicago to worry about my financial aid bs. I heard I was approved for Fall and will only have to work to get it for spring/summer/next fall, but I haven't gotten an award letter yet. booo


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Terry said...

Congrats! I'm so proud of you!

Now go have a wonderful time on vacation. :)

Rebecca said...

Congratulations! I remember how good it felt to be done for the semester.

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stacey said...

calculus final? cylindricl and spherical coordinates? piece of cake?

i wish it was only that easy for me. luckily for my degree i only need college algebra and finite math :)

so for some shameless self promoting---we're doing a campaign this week against the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon this labor day and why the charity/pity model of disabilty is so damaging. if you'd be willing to join, we'd love it! to find out more please visit my site. (again sorry to post it in a comment---i know it's rude-- but we're running out of time as labor day is monday.)

i hope you have a fabulous vacation!