Monday, August 13, 2007

For all feminists under attack

Here's some legal info:

Contact your web hosts and find all the info you possibly can about the attack. If the site is based in canada. Canadian legal info here.

If in the US this is the FBI's internet crimes agency.

"Those who had their sites hacked should see if they can get a statement from their hosts that give all the information possible about the attack. It is possible, but if that's the case then something could probably be done about THAT. Because it's super illegal to do that"

Who owns it.

screen caption all the info. Save it ALL.

"I suggest that everyone gather as much data as they can -- archive flames, threats, etc., keep an archive of all the 4chan threads that involve them, get as much information on the hacking attempts as possible"

"I would then advise any of them that are able to see a lawyer and find out if anything can be done, especially since there IS a contact name, address, and phone number for the site hosting the problem material (all the chan sites seem to be registered under individuals)"

If the site registrations are bogus, then I would go after the registrars and alert them of the problem

"If the site registrations are NOT bogus, I would definitely talk to a lawyer about filing a class action lawsuit involving cyberstalking. Criminal charges might be able to be pressed because of the hacking, but if the site is taken down in response that's still sending a message."

"I would also recommend that they chronicle their experiences on a public blog so that other people can know what the situation is and what methods do, and do not, work for combatting it"

If the person who registered the account is fake go here Their host will remove the site immediately because it's illegal.

More legal info:

and here

Get everyone affected to contact these people.

and these.

"In addition to the legal issues, I would also ask the sites about going after the people who are registering the sites, what happens if the registrant info is bogus, etc."


Anonymous said...

Good one! as usual I am bad laughing at your tags noo not the LULZ but the nice lols

sparks here - blogger hates me.

lost clown said...

I try!

witchy-woo said...

Nice one LC :)

Mind if I link?

lost clown said...

Not at all, WW.

Anonymous said...

What if the terrorists are not in Canada/US, who do we contact then?


lost clown said...

I'm not sure. I'll ask my friends.

Elaine Vigneault said...

I think it makes a lot of sense for us to compile our information. This way we can pursue a class action lawsuit if we want. But more importantly, we can learn more about who they are and how to prevent future attacks by sharing info.