Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Holiday, uh, fun?

Things to do:

1) Prepare bag for day trip
2) Go to woods and/or secluded lake to avoid

a) Drunken idiots
b) Fireworks ALL DAY
c) a + b

3) Come home and complain more about stupid US holidays to foreign friends (because of a, b, c)
4) Tell countless people who wish me a happy 4th that I hate the 4th because of a, b, and c, and convince them it's not because I'm UnAmerican.
5) Make more iced coffee (taking the last bit with me to the lake/woods
6) Think about the fact that like 99% of the population really knows anything about the holiday just that it's a day off where they get to be drunk and stupid and shoot things that could set them (or someone or something else) on fire.
7) Hate the world when the stupid fireworks are being shot off by neighbours at 3 am like they have been the past week.
8) Plot my revenge. (did I mention 3 am fireworks for the past WEEK?!!!!)


Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

Yep, they've been shooting fireworks here since early June. Hate, hate, hate.

lost clown said...

ARGH! That is horrid! Stupid loud one just went off down the block. AT least I missed most of the day so I've kind of done #2. I'm just going to turn the TV up REALLY LOUD. who cares if I go deaf.


Kitty Glendower said...

d. waiting to hear the news how someone was killed and how a fire has started because we are seeing our driest year in recent history

supergirlest said...

they are STILL shooting fireworks off here at all odd hours of the early morning! i have no idea why so many delight by sounds of war. :(

saw you over on sicily sue's blog - had to pop over. funnily enough, the book you recommended? i gave that to her about 10 years ago!!! it's one of my faves ever infinity!

lost clown said...

Yeah I heard them last night again. Grrrrrrrr

It is a great book!