Tuesday, July 24, 2007

8 random things

Sicily Sue tagged anyone who reads her blog and wants to do this. So here I go.

1) I am *actually* a clown. I was kidnapped by the End of the World circus and traveled across the country every summer for several years. I've performed with various local circuses over the years as well.

2) I've lived in 10 states (spread out all over the US, East Coast, West Coast, the Dirty South, and the southwest), 2 provinces (Canada), 20 cities, and 5 countries (India, England, Senegal, USA, and Canada).

3) My algebra is horrendous. Seriously.

4) I can only cook for 8 people. Really, everything I make could feed a small army, and I live alone so this is a problem since I don't feel like cramming 7 other people into my closet sized apartment everytime I cook. (I blame it on my Sicilian upbringing. My grandma also cooks enough for a small army, but when you have 30 relatives in the Chicagoland area it makes sense.)

5) I LOVE Bollywood. Love love LOVE it. I can do all the dances. I'm actually listening to a Bollywood CD right now, and planning to watch "Namastey London" and "Garam Masala" tonight.

6) I own a quite large and extensive amount of neon 60's go-go dresses. It looks like a technicolour bomb went off in my closet. I also have vintage 60's embroidered go-go boots to go with it. The only heels I wear outside of dancing, but only when it's warm enough to wear the short go-go dresses.

7) I can't use a sewing machine. I can make an entire outfit by hand sewing, but sewing machines hate me and I can't figure out how to work them, no matter how many times someone shows me.

8) Due to my years in circus I can drink a fifth of whiskey and not only still be standing, but also have perfect (i.e. non-slurred) speech, walk in a straight line and basically am less drunk then people who drink even one fourth what I do. (Not that I do this anymore. It's usually sitting in the yard sipping mojitos, mint juleps, or margaritas on a hot day and that's about all aside from an occasional glass of wine with dinner when I go out (which is almost never).)

Tagged if you want to be.