Tuesday, July 17, 2007


No post last week due to a lack of computer, and no post this week because I myself will be at a dance workshop rehearsing a West Coast Swing routine and Samba. I may do one late if I am so inclined (I'm obviously going to tape it). But I can't promise anything.

(And oww are my feet sore from dancing in heels...stupid ballroom and their stupid heels. I still giggle whenever we do 'ballroom arms' like we were doing today in the Rumba. If you watch so you think you can dance you know what I'm talking about and we just don't do that in lindyhop. People were looking at me because I was giggling about all the arm and wrist circles I have to do. They're just silly silly silly.)

Venting a little for a second:
We randomly chose partners for the performance and I got someone who has NO rhythm, tried to take my arm off with a turn, dances like he weighs a ton and can't count the music. Thank god it's a routine because I had to lead myself into the turns or else we wouldn't be in sync with the rest of the dancers. I've thought about ditching the performance, but that would just be evil. Maybe we can practice afterwards tommorrow and before the session thursday night. Oh lucky me.

This bird has better rhythm then my partner. And I have to dance with this oaf IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE!! As long as he doesn't succeed in breaking my arm first.


Tony said...

Good luck, or break a leg, or Merde. I'm not sure which sentiment Lindy Hoppers prefer. I have missed your SYTYCD commentary. It's nice to read stuff from you that doesn't make me feel guilty about owning a penis.

lost clown said...

Well you only have to feel guilty if you partake in any of the abuses to women I talk about. I know not all men do.

I will probably write something up tommorrow about the show, I LOVED the Jive routine and the Foxtrot. I also voted for Pahsa and Sara because I love them, but I really did like their routine.