Thursday, July 19, 2007

New favourite blog

Anti-Pornography Activist

I just got through watching all the videos and I must say I LOVE this site. Thank you to whoever you are out there writing it. It's given me great information I wouldn't normally have found (like excerpts from Jenna Jameson's book).

Although I would like to note that I don't agree with this:
13. Report pornography that you encounter or are aware of that qualifies per the legal definition of Obscenity here at the form for online pornography and the forms for offline pornography. Information of what qualifies as Obscenity is here under the heading “Summary of Obscenity and Related Laws”.

For reasons like this:


supergirlest said...


i've found myself in this debate so often lately, that i've grown to feel very very very alone...

Nella said...

Where is the second quote from?

lost clown said...

Nikki Craft

Anti-Pornography Activist said...

Hi lost clown,

Thank you so much for your positive feedback on my new blog. :-) I really appreciate it. (Even with the stated disagreements. ;-))

For the record, it's OK with me if someone doesn't agree with 100% of the content of my web site. I have no expectations that anyone will, even other anti-porn people. However, that being said, I do believe there has been a misunderstanding. I don't have the time to clear it all up now, but perhaps you and others might find it useful to read my two most recent posts that address the above issues you raised. (July 20 and July 22.) It also might be helpful to check out both my profile and the full disclaimer I have on my blog. (On the sidebar of both my main site and my mirror site.) To simplify it, I personally am in favor of anti-pornography civil rights legislation and not obscenity law. (It is just all there is right now.) I also am not in favor of any sort of regulation of the Internet that in any way affects anyone's free-speech rights or anyone's rights to access any information that they want. The CP 80 Internet Channel Initiative that I mention on my site is not any sort of enforced regulation. It is a way to optionally block out porn only if you want to.

Now that that's taken care of... I thought you might like to know that I added about 20 more great videos today to my blog, including one of Catharine MacKinnon. ;-) I hope you and others check them out and that you all enjoy them.

APA, :^)

lost clown said...

I totally understand, and still love your blog.

Anti-Pornography Activist said...

Hi. I'm so glad that you still like my blog. :-) I hope you will enjoy it even more in time as I get it fixed up and add more content. (I'm working on clearing up the whole obscenity thing right now, though, among other projects...)

In the meantime, thanks for making my day! :-)

Anonymous said...

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