Saturday, January 06, 2007

My food security level is orange.

I have:

about 10 (really) small oranges (xmas oranges)
rice (enough for another cup...dinner tommorrow or linner)
dried beans
dried lentils
1 cup yogurt

Today I had the last of my cereal and rice and beans. Tomorrow I think I'll make dal. Thank god for cheap dried beans and lentils. My food stamps come in either on Monday or Tuesday, but I'm hoping Monday. If anything I get my school money on Tuesday. woo woo. Food shopping while hungry is not exactly fun.


Mithel said...


No food = No fun.

Laura said...

Hope those stamps come in my dear xx

sparkleMatrix said...

thank the goddess for dried beans. rice and lentils - my staple diet. Hope your stamps come soon.

flawedplan said...

Food security, these Orwellian times will be the death of us, literally. A couple years ago I hit the charity food center a couple times, after a month of resisting, but man there was no food in the house, disability spent for the month and I was flagging down motorists to bum cigarettes. Struggling for subsistence is a hard road. You take care.

Old Lady said...

Have you considered posting a button for donations?

lost clown said...

That's a great idea! Thanks.