Monday, January 22, 2007

Blogging for choice

One of the biggest reasons that I am so admantly pro-choice is because I grew up in an abusive household where I wasn't exactly a planned for and welcomed part of the family.

I want EACH and EVERY child to be loved and wanted.

I want them to be taken care of. It's about quality of life, not just quantity. I survived and I refuse to have children because I am afraid that I might become abusive. Lord knows I have enough trouble just feeding myself on most days due to my lovely PTSD, which incidentally has nothing to do at all with the long term abuse I suffered as a child. No wait, it does.

I want EACH and EVERY child to be cared for and provided for.

Sometimes a woman just can't do these things. Forcing women to have kids or tell them to put kids into a problem riddled foster care system....there's a better solution. We have so many abused, resented, and neglected kids out there that we don't need to create more.

A woman, for any reason, says that she chooses to abort it's a-ok with me, even though the only person this should matter to is the woman involved. Not me. Not you. Not anyone else.


Laura said...

Hear, hear.


Unsane said...

Good point.