Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I learned some things today

I went to take the Implicit Associations Task tests and found these results:

Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for Disabled Persons compared to Abled Persons. Suprise suprise, most people showed some preference for abled persons, with the largest amount holding a strong preference for the Abled. I thought I would view them both equally. Nope.

Your data suggest no difference in your automatic identification with Cooperation and Competition.

Your data suggest a slight automatic preference for Gay People compared to Straight People. Again I am in the minority.

Your data suggest a slight association of Female with Science and Male with Liberal Arts compared to Male with Science and Female with Liberal Arts. Probably as a math major and a science minor I associate these things with me, thereby associating science and math as female. I do want to turn math and physics into "girly subjects."

For science:

Weird, I guess. Im gonna take more later.

What what!
√ Your data suggest little or no association between Female and Male with Career and Family.


Terry said...

That's fascinating. 25 years ago (I'm the token old one around here) I was the only woman in my high school calc class, and one of only 2 in my physics class. Now you're majoring in both. I feel great knowing your generation--YOU--are going so much father than I ever did.

FWIW, I'm proud of you, kiddo. You feel like one of my own, and I love hearing about your accomplishments.

lost clown said...

That fills me with warm fuzzies. I feel really close to you as well, hearing this makes me happy.

Anonymous said...


Coathangrrr said...

I took the one about arabs and others and showed no preference. I guess its all the arabic and islam i've been learning.