Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I usually like snow

Today some of the physics lab TA's made a giant snow woman (complete with nipples) and a smaller snow man grabbing her ass. Do I need to point out why I hate them so much?

Also, some days I think that I didn't get re-evaluated for Disability (I had a review this year and I didn't have to go see one of their shrinks again.) because their psyciatrist diagnosed me as Borderline, just like the pyschiatrist at my doctor's office. Welcome to the wastebasket. (More on this and BPD later, as many of you know I am fond of blogging about.)

I apparently missed a post on bees and hives, and I'm happy to say my bubble is still intact, because I have no idea what ya'll are talking about.


Laura said...

What a bunch of idiots :(

Anonymous said...

I missed the bee/wasp brouhaha also (I saw the original post, just not the brouhaha), but Stormy is closing her blog because of it. Which sucks.

Can't you report those guys for harassment?

Violet, not anonymous