Sunday, December 10, 2006

Knitting, a story in pictures

While trying to knit things like this:

I ran into big butted problems like this:

(OK, his butt's not really that big, but you wouldn't know by the way he uses it.)

Then I have to deal with him doing thigs like this when I try to take the yarn away:

But eventually the other night I did get to finish this:


CatOHara said...

He looks like my Sassy girl but his markings are defined and better-looking than the Sasser's...but don't tell her that I said that. From the photos, it looks like he might also be just a kitten-sized cat. Is that right? How old is he? Sassy was picked up, along with her mom and the rest of her litter, at the pound by the local Human Society, so I don't know her birthday. By the best estimates, she'll be 13 sometime this winter, probably January but maybe this month.

Yeah, way too much talkin' 'bout cats. It's an obsession. Wait 'til I have of them.

CatOHara aka CoolAunt

spotted elephant said...

I'm trying to have empathy for your trouble working on projects with all that interference. But it's too funny-especially the picture where you're trying to take the yarn away.

lost clown said...

CA-Hee was a feral rescue; found with hie siblings alone on campus. He and his sister. I constantly talk about cats, I even put the kitties up on catster. I do plan to be the crazy cat lady after I'm a spinster for a few years.

SE-DON'T ENCOURAGE HIM!! (I know he's so cute, but he chewed through a finished baby booty I had. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)