Thursday, December 28, 2006

Join me New Year's Eve

Skytrain Party (Vancouver, BC)

Here are the details.
NYE Meet at VCC Clark at 7:45.
Music, Costumes, Party Favors, etc,,,
If you have a Stereo or instrument... BRING IT!!!

At 8pm we hop an Accordion Train to the Future.
We ride it full circle to Waterfront and then "Whatever".....

Total Trip time 1hr.
8pm to 9pm.


Laura said...

I'm there! I will bring magic sparkly dust to make everything, well, magical, and the contents of my virtual bar - behold its shiny wonders ooooooo!

lost clown said...

heh. I'll drink *shudder* gin for you!

(can i drink bourbon instead?)

Terry said...

I'm jealous! Sounds like one hell of a party.

Did I ever tell you I've got a kid who owns an accordion? :)

lost clown said...

I own an accordion!

We should jam. *wink*