Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How BPD and PTSD have enhanced my life

Now it's easy for me to detail all the ways that BPD and PTSD have made my life a living hell, but there are some ways in which I feel that I have benefitted from having this (dis)ability. One of them being the fact that I have done/continue to do many different activities. I learned this while talking to the esteemable Laura and she commented that I do a lot of things. Due to the nature of my (dis)ability, I may stop and restart projects due to a) boredom, b) too much energy needed to perform said activity c) inability to leave the house and completely unrelated to my (dis)ability d) knee pain (I have the knees of a 90 year old. fun fun.)

How do you ask do I know I do these things b/c of my BPD? Well, one symptom is that we get easily put off of things, easily bored, and that we have very diverse interests. If that's a symptom then I sure am damn happy I have BPD.

Things I participate in on a regular (for me) basis that I am fairly good at:
Water Polo
Delegate for the IWW
Knitting (I generally design things myself, no patterns needed here)
CLowning/Circus (juggling, ring mistressing, stilting, unicycling, making an ass out of myself on a regular basis)
Writing feminist theory
political activism/theory
writing for theatre or circus
dancing: modern, swing, west coast swing, jazz, salsa, and I'm learning the smooth waltz, tango (argentine of course), and flamenco
writing comics
teaching media literacy
traveling (I used to move every 6 months, well stay somewhere for the winter and travel all summer)
making/designing clothes



Laura said...

One day my list will be that long. One day.

Terry said...

That's fabulous. You've made me think about my problems in a different light. Maybe it's not been all bad.

lost clown said...

This was sort of a hard copy reminder that not everything is bad with my disability. It takes constant reminders, but if it helped you see things differently, that's what I was aiming for. (As well as making myself read it everyday.)

Cap. said...

Do you still West Coast regularly, and are you near NY, USA?
I'm new to the WCS scene and I'm trying to see what's around.

Jaims said...

Have you noticed any weird type of intutition and or learning enhancement, in that you can teach your self basically anything and become proficient.