Thursday, December 21, 2006

A little of this and that

-Cat badges now added to the sidebar so you can visit my kitties anytime you would like (I know I love to see them all the time.)

-Also there have been updates to the blogroll. I'm always on the look out for good blogs, especially blogs dealing with mental health, BPD or PTSD, and feminist science or mathematics blogs. Any blogs I should read?

-Here's hoping that next quarter will be better then this last one, as I'm taking Number Theory (exciting) and advanced linear algebra (fun) and modern physics (unsure about this yet, but I like physics, so....), and I'm a TA for one of the physics labs.

-I learned "continental style" or pick knitting. WOOO!! Look at me go. Once I find a side bar for computer illiterates then I will put knitting progess bars in my side bar, but for now there's too much playing with CSS and other things that sound less then fun to me.


sparkleMatrix said...

I see that you have added Writhe Safely to your blogroll, tis really interesting and I've just recently linked to it.

You know I get mental blockage surrounding maths, which is a pain as I come from a right ‘mathsy’ family. Dad charted accountant, mother bookkeeper and my aunt an Oxford uni maths graduate. What happened? >:/

sparkleMatrix said...

Oh, I’ve just realised that the ‘clicking’ has stopped on your site. It took me quite a while to work out that it was flickr…I thought it was a bomb!

lost clown said...

The clicking?

I used to think that I couldn't do math either, but that was before calculus. I got a D in my precalc class and went on to A's and B's in my calc classes. My dad (who was a mathematics major in undergrad) always told me that I hate arithmetic, so I count all pre-calc stuff (except Trig which I love) as arithmetic. Maybe that's where your problem is.

I can't balance my chequebook, but I can solve differential equations! (what????)

OH, yeah. Flawed Plan introduced me to a very good board on mental illness after she read my Blogging Against (dis)Ablism post in May. I'm glad she's blogging now. It's great to hear from people with a common condition.