Wednesday, January 11, 2006

When will they learn?

India is missing 10 million daughters due to more refined infanticide (i.e. selective abortion).

Due to widespread use of ultrasound couples who have a female child are opting to abort. Now I thought that people were starting to learn the lesson that when you kill or abort girl children then you end up. China has started to learn this lesson, and has actually implemented a policy that encourages people to keep girl children. (Of course one of the ways it seems that the overabundance of men will deal with this problem is through visiting sex workers. "Instead they suggested the most probable scenario was that excess single men "will settle in bachelor ghettos in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and Tianjin where commercial sex outlets would be prevalent." So now we know how to deal with devaluation of women which left us in this bind where there are significantly less women then men, combat it with more devaluation! YES! Good god, why have I never thought of this before! In order to solve oppression we need to oppress more! AHA! But I digress.

From memory (i.e. an article I read in the New York Times a year ago) this effort was akin to things like posters saying "Girls are good!" Yeah, that'll work. We can erase centuries of misogyny with posters that say "Girls are good!"

Maybe they'll start to implement that in India, although one doesn't think that it'll happen until the gender gap starts to grow exponentially. Seriously, this is where I always get confused. Don't people understand that you need women? Really, I don't understand. Do these parents think that girls can also be grown on trees or magically fly in from outer space? I mean they're parents, they understand the whole reproduction thing-if we're looking at this from a purely biological perspective, the whole reproducing thing requires 2 people. Is there something special about these boys? Like the ability to asexually reproduce, cuz they did that in Herland and I think that those women were much more responsible with it. (Could you imagine living there? I like (some) guys well enough that I would be really sad to see them go, but I think that living there would be heaven.)

Also in slightly other news is the internet just full of lefties or is Bush in trouble? In any case, that made my day....hope you liked it too.

All right, sleepy now. Hope that link leaves you with a warm fuzzy inside.


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