Monday, January 30, 2006

An update to my burlesque post

The Blogger at Seppaku has made a nice little post on the same topic (and refrencing mine) you can read it here.

(I love site meter)


seppaku said...

Thanks for the traffic.

Also, I mightily enjoy your blog. Nice to see other feminist, cat-loving, bike-riding physicists out there.


lost clown said...

No problem! Feminist bicycling cat lover physicists unite! (although I'm not a physicist yet..still getting my BS, but soon)

seppaku said...

My roommate is a physics grad student. He is always telling me about how his department at the Jet Propulsion Lab is stuck in the 1950s insofar as women are concerned. You know, 'go fetch us some coffee' kind of stuff. Revolting, considering the IQs of all involved.

Sam said...

I'm a feminist, bicycle-rider with three cats but no physics degree. Some linguistics is physics but not what I specialized in so that technicality won't work.

Can you make it feminist, bicycle-riding catlovers in science?

lost clown said...

Yes, of course!

(as long as you're not an engineer.)

*i keed, i keed, well, sort of)

Anonymous said...

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