Tuesday, January 31, 2006

As you can see....

I needed a break. Alito's in (and one of the WA state senators Maria Cantwell voted against a filibuster), Bush has given a (sorry) State of the Union, Harper (PM), (Gordon) Campbell (Premier of BC), and Sam Sullivan (mayor of Vancouver) are in office. Both the US and Canada currently hate me (well, at least BC does. Sullivan! Campbell! Come on, people! I thought you were liberals, although during the rounds of strikes that went on earlier this year (not so much BC Teachers, but more NYC Transit) showed me that "liberals" are anti-union capitalists at heart. Wahhh, MTA should fire them all. They're striking for their pensions? I don't get a pension, therefore their strike is stupid, and it makes my life harder. Damn them, the greedy bastards. Jerkfaceheads. The correct response is: "I don't get a pension, maybe I should unionise my workplace and demand one!)

There's so much to discuss, so many things I want to comment on (and I'm sticking to feminist topics here too, I'm not even thinking about other ones yet). Unfortunately they are not coming today, as I am too worn out from the past week of moronity on the web (the "we're-sex-positive-and-never-say-that-you're-sex-negative-you-bitter-
puritanical-prude people, etc), and everything else that's been going on (see above) as well as a horrible weekend spent with my sexist water polo coach (tournament), a triggering incident, and a migraine. So I leave you with a link to one of my favourite science/feminist journals. (You may remember it from the 7th Carnival of Feminists talking about women in physics.) They decided to tackle some of Bush's speech The Science President. Trust me, it's funny/sad, especially if you're a science geek like me (this blog's pretty damn good for that too.)

One of my favourite comments is that we may as well call him "the feminist president" since it's about as accurate. (although more presidents are pro-science then pro-feminism.) Blargh. I'm gonna get some sleep, eat really well when I get up, have a few good cocktails (hours and hours and hours after I get up), watch some Buffy and I'll be back to my usual patriarchy destroying ways. (Although I have become addicted to reading all the wonderful radical feminist blogs out there so I will be back tommorrow to check and comment at least. Although this may be a right now thing, I feel all written out. I have so much to say and trying to focus in on one thing is hard and somewhat overwhelming. (But maybe I'll finally get my polyamory paper up on blogger.) Ugh. Sweet dreams all.


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