Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I find this amusing

I've been blogging about 3 weeks and I all ready have a readership and a hate club.
Seriously I have found more blogs quoting my burlesque article in them then I expected. I guess that's what happens when you attack male controlled sexuality. Shit, I really like to pick the hot button topics.

Oh and until I get to it (and if you didn't know all ready) I hate porn. It's demeaning, degrading, objectifying, and downright derogatory towards women. (This post brought to you by the letter 'D') I love sex, however. Porn isn't sex anymore then Intelligent Design is a theory. It's lies people tell you because they're scared that women's sexuality will threaten their manhood (or approval from those who have a "manhood.")

For examples check I'm not a Feminist, but and Hustling the Left

So yeah, any of you who think you can convince me otherwise can go elsewhere. I don't feel like hosting your discussion about how liberating (or whatever) porn is because I completely 100% disagree with you and neither of us is going to change each others minds (well, you're certainly not going to change mine, and it seems that you're not here to learn but to rant about how wrong I am and argue semantics. If you want to debate, maybe ask a few questions on why I feel this way ok, but I'm Not a Feminist, but..'s post sums up how I feel exactly. And don't troll her either.)


Biting Beaver said...

It's because they have radar and 2-ways *nodnod*.

In all seriousness here's the problem. The minute you start saying that pornstitution is bad you wind up with every single user who wants to use you to make him/herself feel better about participating in the degradation of wome battering down your front door.

From the soi dissant feminists to the outright misogynist's they are dying to tell you your wrong. And THIS is why so many people won't stand up and speak. I don't blame them, the hate mail, the vitriolic comments, the 'die you closet lesbian dyke' statements, make it very hard to stand your ground.

Within the first posting of my anti-porn rants I had more trolls than I could shake a stick at. They got to my site before I even had any readers.

I've since found this to be incredibly common. With a new blog the troll just come out of the woodwork. I suspect that what they're really trying to do is shut you up while you're still new and have softer armor.

Keep screaming it LC, it needs to be said.

Dubhe said...

Agreed wholeheartedly!

Laura said...

Plus they, the 'normal' men and women who use and defend porn, know, deep down, that we are right. And if they accept that we are right, that makes them rapists/abusers/women haters. And they don't want to face up to this or deal with the consequences of it, they don't want to have to systematically change their thought and behaviour patterns in the way Dim suggests at the Den, so they just stick to pretending that we are wrong and vehemently defending their right to porn.

Terry said...

Hang tough. You've got every right to control the tone and content on your blog - I say delete the troll comments and make them find somewhere else to play. It's rough, I know. But this is YOUR home and you can decide who to let in.

Just keep those great thoughts coming. I appreciate your honesty and insight.

lost clown said...

Guess it's a good thing I've had all these things said to me before (the fictious debates, the nonsense arguements, the name-calling.) Don't worry I'm not going anywhere, and I've become delete happy, because unlike in really life, I can get rid of their misogynist ranting.

Also having a support system of all of you (which I don't have in the (tiny) town I currently live in so I have to argue with these assholes until I get so frustrated that I end up screaming or walking away (and sometimes crying out of frustration, though not in front of them, they don't get to win, the bastards.)) That makes a real difference.

I can also say that none of my friends view porn and that they understand why porn is bad. Making that change and having to say goodbye to people who look at porn (or who changed their ways after many discussions with me, he didn't really understood how it hurt women, now he buys Dworkin! I love you, George) was dificult and I can't say that trolls can affect me any more then the people who I had to let go of, but it was the best change I ever made! My friends can jump in on a porn discussion (too bad they hermit and are never around when I'm having these arguements) and it's great!

I've got a delete key and I may opt for banning. Jerkfacheads.

Laurelin said...

I'm so glad to see you here, LC, as yours is a wonderful passionate feminist voice. We can all fight the trolls together!

the trolls were really rather getting me down on my blog, and I even started to wonder if I had said something wrong (stupid OCD making me doubt myself!), but then so many other fem bloggers commented on my blog and Happy Feminist even made a new post on my behalf, and I was so happy. However many jerkarse trolls there are, the sisterhood is powerful, and strong.

Keep yelling, LC! Porn is so fucking widely accepted these days that people don't even see the irony of the 'free speech' argument being used to shut up anti-porn activists. We need to keep the voice of dissent alive, and you do thatr brilliantly.

love Laurelin xxx

Lorenzo said...

Oh my god!

You mean, it might even be possible for this blog to host a critical discussion of porn and not let the inevitable littany of trolls totally dominate the discussion to the exclusion of anything productive?!

I see I was right to bookmark your blog the instant I came across it!

Dubhe said...

Personally, I'm a big fan of "Preaching to the Choir".

A choir can't hone their skills to excellence and compete on a national stage if their rehersals are spent entertaining the repetitive arguments of one or two dorkwads who insist they should all be playing chess instead.

I don't remember who I originally heard that particular idea from, but it's great, ain't it?

Biting Beaver said...


I know exactly what you mean. At first, when they showed up and there wasn't really anyone there to back me up, I began to doubt myself. I second guessed everything, I worried that I was wrong and that I was a 'prude' and just as 'repressed' as they all said I was.

Then, my first commenter came up to bat for me (Delphyne) and I began to feel better. Now, I sometimes let the trolls wander for a few minutes so that my readers can have some fun with them before I shut them down. *wink*.

You just have to keep taking those knocks and, when you fear that you're probably just wrong and horrible and prudish go back over to Hustling the Left and remind yourself why you are SOOOOOO RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Very critical discussion going on in here. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

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