Monday, January 30, 2006

10 Views I Hold Without Evidence

I got tagged at The Countess's blog and I felt that I could take a break and blog this. (She tagged all people who had blogged about Alito in the past week.) I tag all people who have blogged about sex politics in the past week. So there. Nyah nyah. (Of course you don't have to do it.) Some of these I do think that there is evidence, but nothing concrete.

1. Slugs were put on earth to torture me. (Yes they were. Snakes, spiders, sharks? I don't care and love them, slugs? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Scary little buggers.)

2. That society as we know it will implode (explode?) in the next 100 years. Now what I haven't decided is if it will be super biblical, primitivistic, or Futurama-esque)

3. That accordionists are irresistable. Especially if they have funny moustaches as well. (I have an accordion, now I'm going to get a handlebar mustache. I will be irresistable! Muahahaha.)

4. That I can reasonably call almost every cat the cutest cat in the world and mean it every time. (But my cat is the cutest cat in the world.)

5. That most of the rabid right wingers in the US have tertiary stage syphillus. (Coulter, DeLay, Robertson, etc., etc.)

6. That my little hideaway in the desert near the Mexican border in Texas is heaven on earth.

7. That books are the best invention ever.

8. That I was a cat in my previous life and must have done something very very wrong to come back as a human.

9. That I am destined to become the crazy cat lady.

10. That most of what people consider art is not at all. (heh, I can just hear my art school buddies cringing as I say this. I went to art school, I'm allowed to be a snob, and white on white is not art. kiss it.)

So there.


Joida said...

9. That I am destined to become the crazy cat lady.

Well, you'll have the "crazy" and the "cat" part down, anyway.

lost clown said...

hey-crazy cat ladies have about 40 cats. i only have 1.

Lina said...

Agree with 1,2, 7 and 10.
Do I count as tagged when all I did was quote you?!

Laurelin said...

I reckon I'll be the Crazy Rat Lady or Crazy Squirrel Lady...

if you're ever in England, please come around and move the spiders in my house to a less near-me location... in return I'll give you cake and tea and save you from all slugs ;D

Trish said...

I can play the accordion. Am I irresistable? ;)

Actor Gabriel Byrne can also play the accordion, but I haven't seen him with a mustache. I bet he'd look good wearing one.

lost clown said...

Clare-if you want to do it =, go for it, but I don't know, that's a grey area.

Laurelin-you got a deal.

Trish-possibly, do you have a funny mustache? (Of course you are, you play accordion!)

lost clown said...

I reckon I'll be the Crazy Rat Lady or Crazy Squirrel Lady...

This means we can't be neighbours. :(

Andrea said...

I like rats and cats. Used to have rats. now got a cat.

AS long as the rats are out of cat-reach it should be OK.

Little Tigger said...

My brother and me are writing a book
about 2 robotic cats who are made by
these 2 boys who love their kittypusses
and are sick and tired of all the
anti kittypuss rubbish on telly.

Up from the secret science room at
University Of Robotics, come
Felitron and Electrocat, their only
programme and command, protect and
defend kittypusses at all times,
and seek out and defeat the Evil
Dr. Druller, whose only thing
is to wipe out al the cats, and
take over the world with his
evil dogbots.

Winter said...

I'm glad someone else finds slugs creepy.

lost clown said...


Especially banana slugs. They're as big as I am!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »