Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I should never turn on the tele again!

Every damn time. One day I'll learn (through conditioning of bad horrible tv shows except I am slightly addicted to CBC/Dr. Who/Veronica Mars/(guilty pleasures: Coronation Street and Numb3rs (I love it when he talks math, even if it'd be sexier from someone who actually knew it)) I can't believe I just admitted that.)

Ugh. I was watching a rerun of the Gilmore Girls (partially because I have heard good reviews from my friends) and I yelled at it twice (amazing for a half an hour of the programme. [tangent] OK, and as per my spelling it's a mix of English/Canadian and US spellings. Deal with it. It wreaks holy havoc on my spell check though. If my computer thought it would think that I'm the worst speller in the world. And while I'm on this language tangent, why does everyone look at me funny when I call sneakers(?) trainers? They're trainers, it makes sense, you can TRAIN in them, why do I always have to point to my feet to explain it! *Sheesh* Possible explanations are that I spent too much time in London and/or communicating with my friends in London. But I don't care. [/tangent])

So tonight on GG one of the first things I see is her and her grandparents sitting down to dinner with a minister. The grandparents found stupid reasons to excuse themselves and the reverend launched into this whole diatribe about how Rori has a special 'gift' and that she should save that 'gift' and how she only has one 'gift' and it's very special and that if she spends that 'gift' she can't get another and then she'll have to buy the guy a sweater! (something like that, I paraphrase. It went on a little longer.) The only semi-redeeming part of this was that she told him that that ship had sailed and is probably in Fiji now. Do most people really think that? I mean the whole your virtue is a gift that you can only spend on one guy? I mean, what the hell is so virtuous about virginity and why is it still a woman's job to protect their virtue when you know they never say this to the guy. I know, old news, but seriously I can't believe that people still fucking think like this let alone write TV shows about it and that I have the misfortune to witness. Seriously, WTF? Maybe I live in a nice little bubble, but I didn't think people refered to it as virtue or a 'gift' anymore (unless you live in the praries or bass-ackwards Kansas where you think that Intelligent Design is actually a theory.) But well educated east coasters? Seriously? Blargh.

Number 2: It was her birthday and her grandmother had the bartender make a drink for her. It was pink and the rim (martini glass) was covered in sugar. Lorelei's fiance refuses to drink the drink because he'd much rather have a beer, and he spends time talking about how pink it is and how this disgusts him (I personally would be put off by a pink drink too, but I'd either put it down or drink it. He's against it b/c he's too manly to like pink.) Rori's grandmother comes over to talk to them asks why he doesn't like his drink, he says it's pink, she says that of course it's pink because girls like pink and that nobody's asking him to wear a dress. I personally think it would be good for him (to wear a dress, I'm a whiskey gal myself so it's hard to convince me of drinking anything else.)

Ugh. Pink? Gift? Did I miss several decades? Am I watching reruns of the Brady Show? What's going on and why is it coming out of my TV? Blargh. STill better then the Tyra Show. I'd best turn my tv off before the calvalcade of old white men and young perfectly preened young white women read me things that they call "news."


Laura said...

I hear your incomprehension re the gift, and to it I add this jawdropping anecdote- I saw a programme a couple of years ago on the 'sex education' (or lack of) that kids receive in Texas. The 'teacher' was telling the girls that they are like a brand new toothbrush in the packet, and if someone opens that packet and uses the toothbrush, no one else will ever want to use it again- who wants to stick a used toothbrush in their mouth? Need I say more? (Cheers for the link also :)

lost clown said...


Ugh. Bet no one's telling the boys that they're like a toothbrush.

(No problem, keep it up!)

Little Tigger said...

I wear blue but I drink pink lemonade.

Mickle said...

(since you posted this a long time ago this may be unecessary by now but)

Bad episode to start in on.

Actually, bad season to start watching.

In fact, see if you can borrow the first few seasons from someone, if you're willing to try again.

The point of the "gift" talk was that it is a horrible sentiment and it's supposed to be a wake up call to Rory to get the hell out of there and back to school.

Luke can be an ass at times. I don't have much else to say on that.

Anonymous said...

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