Wednesday, January 11, 2006

What is going on Tyra?

Call it morbid curiosity or call it masochism, but I watched the Tyra Banks Show. Is it because the topic was non-monogamous relationships? OK, actually no. I heard 5 seconds and didn't feel like watching any more of that crap until she mentioned that American Sexual ICON Hugh Hefner would be on the show with his 3 girlfriends (all young and blond and appearing in Playboy this or next month).

Not only did she call him an icon of American sexuality, but an icon of sexuality for the world. Yeah, I really see someone who exploits women, but also makes fun of and encourages rape and domestic violence as an icon of sexuality. WTF! And also how the hell is someone who exploits women supposed to be an icon of sexuality for the BILLIONS of women on this planet? I just can't understand it. Why do women idolize this misogynist shithead?

I should probably not watch shows like this, but sometimes morbid curiosity gets the best of me. I want to know what the rest of the world sees and thinks.


Cruella said...

Love the blog... You are as angry and as spot on as me!! Cru

lost clown said...

thanks, i enjoy yours as well!

Anonymous said...

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