Saturday, March 18, 2006

Sometimes words just fail me.

Bottom sticker (but then again, I really didn't need to tell you that now did I, oh brilliant readers.)

Oh but why stop at stickers? They have buttons and t-shirts too! Awesome! I have an image of my hands flying frantically towards my parts to keep some creepy asshole who thinks things like that are somehow funny out. Mmmmm...they're listed under 'offensive shirts' but really this one should have it's own category of misogyny. (The other one is not offensive at all)



spotted elephant said...

I can never make up my mind: do the pusbags who make and/or sell this crap not stop and think about the rape culture we live in? Or even worse, do they think about it, and put it out there for a purpose?

lost clown said...

Well they at least knew it was offensive. <_<


Indeterminacy said...

Whether one is male or female, those messages are sick by any standards.