Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Did I miss something?

What's with all the talk of people wanting to remove people's feminist credentials? DO I have some, are they lost in the mail? What the hell?

Is this the new way to deal with "you're calling me on my sexism and I don't want to have to look at it or change anything so I'll just say that you're trying to revoke my cerdentials"?

What the fuck people? Just because you say you're a feminist means you are absolved from looking into any misogynistic/sexist behaviours you might have, because if so I seriously need a new name for what I beleive.

Edit Apparently though I have never recieved these credentials, I am having them challenge by none other then Dr Violet Socks. You're going down reclusive leftist! When I'm done you're going to want to hide under your tinfoil hat til it all goes away.



Anonymous said...

Where is this talk going down?

It's not the self-trolling thread over at Feministe, is it? I saw ginmar's take on it and decided to stay well the fuck away. There are people involved in that thread whom I simply cannot bear to read.

I feel left out. I want somebody to challenge MY feminist credentials!

Tell you what, Burrow -- let's trade. I'll challenge yours, and you challenge mine. Then we'll flame each other.

manxome said...

Socks, that's not very inclusive of you! I'll challenge your feminist credential, and raise you one!

lost clown said...

I never got mine, are they in the mail?

(Yes they are at feministe, and also angry brown butch posted something about it too)

Dr. Socks you are being divisive!!

Txfeminist said...

what about me? where's my credentials? by denying me mine, I call both of yours into serious question.

hmph !

lost clown said...

Didn't you get married and have a kid, as in have sex with a man? No credentials for you!

Txfeminist said...

Clown, how dare you insinuate my pre-feminist past precludes me from future feminism!!!

With that line of logic, No one is a feminist!

Prove you were born one! And besides, clowns wear makeup. How feminist is that? Blah!

Anonymous said...

Bring it on, sweetcheeks, bring it on.

Txfeminist, one question: did you change your name?

lost clown said...

Grease paint, m'dear is not exactly makeup.

You have sex with men. Case closed. If you're not a bitter hung up old prude then you're not a real feminist.

lost clown said...

Sorry I bathe, therefore any tell tale cobwebs are missing.

Anonymous said...

I'll see your cobwebs and raise you a line of sutures: I had my vagina sewn up. No tools of the patriarchy for me!

Looks like Manx is too chicken to defend herself.

lost clown said...

I'll take your sutres and raise you a breast removal surgery! HA!

MAN-xome can't take the heat.

lost clown said...

How is bathing unfeminist?

I bet I'm hairier then you! And I don't use deodarant because it is a tool of the man! It was created to keep us down.

Whatever you wear bras you sell out you!

Anonymous said...

So then....whoever has the most physical relics of feminism removed is the best feminist? Why does having a hysterectomy, double mastectomy and copius body hair make any of you feminine? It makes you completely unappealing to either sex as well as yourselves. It sounds like a pack of sheepdogs who have been to the vet once too often. Hey, if you don't like being women, there are several good hospitals in Thailand who can do a gender reassignment for you. You are already three quarters there.

lost clown said...


OK anony-I'm-too-yellow-to=leave-my-name-mous you must be one of those misogynist bastards who thinks that feminists have no sense of humour. Take your trolly ass away, and btw anonymous posting is rude.


you missed

lost clown said...

I care not for men! I am a true feminist. I want a lesbian sepratist island! Nay, a PLANET!!!

lost clown said...

You stole it from me! WHo's the astronomer here?

Yeah, that's right!

Anonymous said...

I did not steal it, it was the product of my own fevered imagination.

Blogger is saying I don't exist, it sucks.

Txfeminist said...

what IS the difference between feminine and feminist?

Am I missing something here?

(har, har.)

Anonymous said...

Huh. So while I was shooting smack all night, you fake feminists and Canadians (same thing) were over here talking about your body hair.

And Jesus Christ, what a stupid troll.

lost clown said...

Real feminists don't shoot smack, duh!

Everyone knows smack is a tool of the patriarchy designed to make us stop feeling/caring about the patriarchy. Everyone knows the real feminists can be found in Canada, you Americans are running around with your heads up your asses fighting flame wars instead of doing any real work.

TP said...

You funny wimmin.

lost clown said...

TP: It spreads over blogs, mine, Violet's, manxomes, and the Countess's. Hehehehe.

(I think I won)