Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I don't know where it is exactly that I read about the women who were verbally and sexually assaulted when stripping at a Duke Lacrosse team party, but there is a website full of information up just for them.

Justice 4 Two Sisters

If you haven't heard, go read.


thenutfantastic said...

Do you know, I was asking my sister and mom this evening if they had heard about this (my sister replied, Duh, How could you miss it?) and my mom said, "But we don't know if that's what truly happened yet because they're still investigating."

I said, "What?! They know it did in fact happen because the woman said so! And they know it was 3 of the guys on the Lacrosse team!"

My mom replied with, "But they haven't proven it yet."

Me, incredulously angry at this point, "So you're saying she's lying then? Because it's just her saying they did it?"

What comes out next shouldn't have shocked me, but I expected more from my mom, "Women lie about rape all the time."


Of course I followed that up with, "Those are 1% of all reported rapes, if that! How could you possibly hold this one woman accountable for a tiny minority of women who abused the system?"

Then the phone rang and my sister said, "Hey, I'm not getting into it."

lost clown said...

UGH. That's just infuriating. I'm sorry. Just hearing about it makes me want to scream.

Anonymous said...

Uh-huh, right. Lie about a rape of the kind (ie gang rape) that most of the population is committed to believing only happens in movies and war. Lie about a rape with 46 witnesses. Lie about that much degradation.