Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I hate the internets some days. Ok, I hate having to scramble around trying to use it and set up stupid ebay auctions (see below post). Now I must run away and carve out time to get my ass to a computer lab tommorrow (maybe). ARGH.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Please help...

..if you can. I have not set up the auctions for my artwork yet, but will be doing so either today or tommorrow. If not I am asking for donations to help me get a new laptop. (As a reminder you can see my previous post or go here for previews of my art. Mostly lithographs. Any little bit helps and I promise that I will try to thank you in any way I can. Through art, feminist theory (mine of course), recipies, whatever I can do. It was such an integral part of me and helped facilitate my schooling and writing so well. Please please please.

Paypal's being stupid, so thanks to a tip from the Reclusive Leftist I am going with Amazon. (WHich is also being stupid, but less so...)

Click here to donate.

Or Click here for my ebay auctions (Although you could just email me and we could work something out that would probably be cheaper for the both of us.)

Thank you everyone. I now throw myself to the benevolence of the internets. Also, I seldomn sell or even show my artwork, so if you like it, get it now. (My paintings however are not being sold as I only have one of each of them and I love them so.)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


My laptop got stolen. It's gone, the police came, took abunch of good prints, and then told me they'd probably take months to process. So I am out a laptop. Once paypal gets it's head out of it's arse I will b e setting up a way to donate to me, and I also will be selling some of my prints. The details, etc can be viewed on my flickr site here. If you're interested the prices are minus shipping/insurance, and if you want them matted it will cost $50 more. (Matting's expensive).

Or just donate on the paypal site (when it's running) or purchase a print through me or through the ebay auctions (more info on that later, once I get paypal working I'll set those up too.)

Thanks. Feel free to tell others (maybe after I get all the information sorted out though. So don't tell them yet, and check back for that info if you want to help me out.)

I'm a little burnt out at dealing with paypal's stupidity at the moment so I'm more angry than anything else (which is a nice feeling after yesterday's running around trying to recover shit I needed that was in my bag with the laptop.)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hey all

I'm here:

So my posting and blog reading has been very spotty and will continue to be until next week when I get home (I finally have my computer back so late night chats are back on....Andrea I'm looking at you!) as I have packed this week with as much Chicagoliciousness as possible (Cubs game with my little brother tommorrow, hanging out with the Unnaked Girl Clare, and then bounding around Chicago (and possibly Evanston where she's living at the moment) Friday until I get to see my old friend Adria. And my abusive mother is dogsitting in a south suburb of Chicago right now, so I am barely going to see her this entire trip!!! I lucked out. Oh well, poetry night tonight (not that I write poetry, but some of the old timers may show up...I've only been going since high school.)

Hope everything's well with all of you, I do miss you all, but I'll have time when I'm back on the west coast. (Although I am missing the Car Free Commercial Drive Festival which is of course going to kick ass, everyone near Vancouver should go. But alas, I'll be back in time to watch Italy play in the second round games. I love how the street explodes when either Italy or Portugal is playing. Commercial Drive is one of my favourite places anywhere.)

Sunday, June 11, 2006

WHo are you?

Could whoever keeps serching for my abusive ex please say something? You don't even need to comment, just drop me an email tsunami bomb 14 AT gmail dot com. Who are you? It's driving me batty! (Unless you're Adam, in which case please fall off the face of the planet.)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Ah finals

and no work which means I am away from a computer (my laptop is still missing...grrr).

So yeah, I thought I'd check in and say hey, and that I have a few bloody knuckles to match my aches and pains,but oh lord is it fun (and funny to see all the guys gawking at a *woman* boxing. It boggles the mind yo.

That and I ran a mile today. First time since high school which was a long ass time ago. That and I need to quit smoking when I get stressed out. The running and punching things may help. (Not to mention the pull ups, sit ups, push ups on my fists or fingertips (strenghtens the hands) and oh yeah, the running. I hate running. Oh well, I like the boxing so I'll deal with the running.)

Friday, June 02, 2006

Lookee what I got:

I went boxing for the first time today and damn was it fun. (Also I look super hot in my new red handwraps. Everyone in the gym knew I was going to box, yeehaw! It's usually quite a men's club in the boxing area.)

My friend also took me sailing for the first time today. It was awesome, I almost capsized the boat (annoying winds that shifted direction constantly). I didn't know how cheap it was for students to go sailing, but I'm afraid of getting hooked 'cuz I'll never be able to afford it on my own. But I plan on taking advantage anyway. It's so relaxing and hey if I can afford it now ($1 to take out a kayak or windsurfing thing, $3 for a boat!!) why not? If Joni's course gets dropped I'll need 2 more credits in order to qualify for financial aid, so I'll probably end up taking the sailing class, then I don't have to pay all quarter! (One time class fee, but if you go enough it's worth the $50 for 9 weeks, and while I'm stuck here for the summer I might as well!)

So I was all calm and went to the co-op to get a bite to eat and I saw asshole (ex-possible unicorn). It went like this:
Huge smile, "Hey Burrow"
"Oh look it's the person who fell off the face of the planet."
Asshole tries to get my attention/make eye contact. I ignore asshole and talk with the guy who was helping me get food...he's very nice so it was easy to ignore asshole.
After I finish getting my food "So what happened?"
Grin "I fell."
"Were you going to tell me or just ignore me?"
Sheepish grin.
"Fine. Bye."

Due to my carriage wit style of thinking I texted asshole about 5 minutes later with: "Ignoring people is mature for 5 year olds."

Then I decided I needed to use my gym fee (paid for through school) and go and beat the shit out of things. It is quite a workout and very VERY fun. I think I shall become addicted to boxing. It'll be like when I did kickboxing and would randomly be sporting nice shiners. (I'm no masochist, but once in awhile you do get hit really good....goes with the territory. Hey, I ain't afraid of no bruise! hehehehehe I slay me.) Mmmm....more boxing tommorrow! WOOT!