Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Good god damn

Why can't people be up front about shit that others do that bugs them so that the people doing the action can a) stop and b) apologise, not stay silent until a time when you have to hear about something you did a year ago that really freaked them out, but they never managed to tell you (even over a large distance in conversations held after the event took place).

Sorry if that didn't make sense. Just needed to vent, and since none (ok, one) of you will know who/what situation sparked this I felt like this was a good place to vent one of the things that really pisses me off. Like my friend who would never tell me that she didn't like hugging even though she always hugged me when we would see each other and never was awkward about it. (This came up on a night out when we were both rather tipsy and she was complaining about *another* friend who hugged her all the time. We'd (or at least people you should be friends with) would stop it if you would just tell us. *sheesh*)

Bah...I'm gonna go home and play with my cats. I can't believe I'll be away for a week and a half, and in someone else's house that will be party central this weekend, AND be full of guys I don't know. Awesome. I hope I get in touch with Soledad in the Bay Area so I have someplace safe and quiet to stay at. I don't sleep well around guys I'm not very close with, but really, can you blame me?

(Also can you blame me preferring to hang out with my cats, at least while I'm on the passive-agressive, everyone-thinks-I'm-an-asshole-for-being-blunt-and-truthful west coast.) Suddenly I don't want to go anywhere at all. Damn non-refundable plane tickets.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Anyone got a plane ticket lying around?

To SF for the IWW General Assembly next weekend? I was gonna train hop, but my parents showed up and I don't think I'll have enough padding to make sure I get there in time.

(And Ms. Jared I'm planning to stay for at least a week after the GA...wanna grab a cup o'coffee and talk revolution...assuming I can get down there somehow.)

Blah. Parents, not good. More on that later. Explains the muscle spasms and migraines though. Fuck.

***UPDATE*** Thanks to a scholarship fund set up to finance women trying to get to the GA (last year it was like 6/7 to 1, we need all the women we can get) I will only be paying $56 out of pocket for my plane ticket. Liza darling, give me a shout. I'm coming in around 1 on Thursday *AND* I'll be there until the 13th! WOOT! Also, Ms. Jared shoot me an email, I'd love to meet you!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Isn't prostitution HI-larious?

From the illustrious I'm Not a Feminist, But:

The delightful Channel 5 are set to screen a new comedy featuring the oh-so-hilarious lives of women working in a UK brothel. Conspicuously absent from this series will be rape, violence and drug addiction, in their place we have shoe collections, student debt, and a poor, hard done by male whose wife doesn't give him enough attention. Oh, and just to silence any of those whinging feminists who might complain, it's called Respectable - how dare you criticise these women for their choices? It's the oldest profession and it's time we starting giving these ladies some respect. Prude.

Please join me in saying a big fuck you to Channel 5.

And to reinforce it, write to:

Customer Services Five
22 Long Acre


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

More info later...

...but this weekend is the wonderous Vancouver Zombie Walk!!! WOO WOO!All are invited to come in their undead best. I will be the scary clown zombie...muahahahahhahahaha!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Holy CRAP!

Warning: this may read somewhat weird, but I'm still in shock.

Monday you could call a somewhat normal day. I went to class, came home, spaced out, and kind of just hung out around my house. Then there was a knock at the door. I didn't really want to get up and get it, but I though it was my friend Ginny. So I arose and opened the door. I was astonished to find that there were two men standing at my door. They promptly introduced themselves and showed me their badges. Yessiree, I got a visit from an ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) agent and an FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations)agent.

They said that my name came up in relation to an arson that was committed on Camano Island. (Details here.) That was the first time I had even heard about it. Why my name came up is so ludicrous. They asked me why my name might have come up. I told them that the only reason I could think of as to why my name came up is because I have been involved in Earth First! in the past, but that our motto is "nonviolent direct action ini defense of Mother Earth" and that the only types of groups that do things like arson are ELF and if someone was doing things as an ELFer they sure as hell wouldn't tell me. I mean I have barely been involved in any campaigns since my arrest for locking down to a pipeline drill engine 5 years ago. I'm not exactly the radical activist I was, I am an IWW delegate, and we do have a couple active campaigns going on locally. But I haven't done a treesit in about 7/8 years, and I have not really been in touch with that entire community, being all lonely up here in the borderlands.

When they asked me if there was a president of Earth First! I almost laughed, if I wasn't in so much shock I would have. But me, ME! They were questioning me!!! (About something I didn't even know about until they told me about it.) They wanted me to tell them people I knew that were involved in the organisation. I did not name any names, but even if I was subpoenaed to a Grand Jury I would take the stand (if I did know anything I'd go to jail before I named names) because I KNOW NOTHING. I think the feds got that. I told them that yeah I had friends that were in EF!, but they wouldn't do things like that AND that I didn't even know if they were involved with EF! anymore. That and none of them live in this area.

When I was more active I always thought that I may get a visit from the feds, but getting one during a stretch of time where I could not be further removed from the radical environmental activist community is ludicrous. Thank god they weren't here about my radical unionising. Bah. I still feel icky.

Monday, August 07, 2006


You all missed my birthday. It was on Saturday. So there. ;)