Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I met Ms. Jared!!! (Tales of the Bay Area)

And she's FAB-U-LOUS!!! SO is the wonderfully cute Ms. Mabel. YAY!!!

Posts to come: Industrial Workers of the World General Assembly (i.e. weekend of boring meetings) update including the ratified Gender Action Plan AND the new committee that I co-chair to write a Gender Violence policy that will become part of the by-laws of the constitution. Also will include: how many stupid white guys does it take to make me want to scream and break things? And the whole bullshit about following 'Robert's Rules' for the IWW meetings which have many rank and file members who don't have robert's rules memorised (myself included). DETAILS TO COME. Stay Tuned.


Nate said...

hi again,
sorry to comment twice, but I wanted to say, your committee sounds awesome. It's important work and thanks for doing it. After we left GA some of us in the Twin Cities decided to try to get our branch to commit to set aside some money every year to fund members to attend GA, with a big chunk set aside for women members. I'd like to respectfully suggest that after the important work of the Gender Violence Policy is written that the committee could come up with proposals for gender equity in the union generally (like money for travel to GA, and money earmarked to support organizing in predominantly women worker industries, other things you all can come up with which I'm sure will be better ideas than mine).
take care,

ms. jared said...

back at ya, sister! it was an awesome time hanging out with you. i hope it's not the last!

xoxo, jared

lost clown said...

nate-don't worry about commenting too much. I agree that those are good ideas....keep in touch and bring yer ideas with you next year, b/c one of the things we want this year's committee to do is create a standing committee that would deal with those and other concerns. Tell the women you work with to join the women's caucus!!

lost clown said...

Ms. Jared, you'll just have to come up and visit me and my kitties now!

the nut said...

About the white guy thing - I'm there with ya!

The guy I'm dating now is a white guy and we get into certain discussions about poverty, etc., where I say he's coming at it from a place of privilege, blah blah blah (you know the drill). He says he doesn't try to refute anything I say because he feels he's wrong no matter what. I tell him if that's how he feels, then I must be right. We don't often get much further than that which usually happens within the first 15 min or so. It can be very irritating because, to me, it appears as if he's not getting it.

I wrote a post on this very topic last week I think it was and he again took the "I'm wrong no matter what I say" approach as a response. (It got started by me showing him Barabara Ehrenriech had a blog and the first one he read was "Can you Afford to be Poor?)