Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I should not own a TV

So this is gonna be quick because I have to go to class, but there's a commercial that makes me scream everytime I see it, much to the dismay of my neighbours. Ok, actually 2, but there's a Philadelphia cream chesse commercial that just drives me bonkers. It's supposedly sent in heaven, they have this whole set with this woman angel. The one that I keep seeing starts out with her coming out of a meeting and meeting another woman angel for lunch. So far no problem, but then this tall, model looking model, the new angel in accounting walks by, and the 1st woman says "Have you seen how perky her wings are? They can't be real." Then the two women eating start giggling. So even in a heaven type situation we are still judging each other and making ourselves feel better by putting down other, perhaps younger, women who fit the whole ideal of feminine beauty. ARGH!

I guess it pisses me off so much for the obvbious reasons, but I would hope that if it's supposed to be heaven we would be free from the constant need to be obsessed with the patriarchal beauty standard. Now I know I shouldn't expect more from a commercial, but it drives me insane that this is pitched to us and not only perfectly normal, but ok in a supposed ideal situation. I mean why not walk up to her and say hi instead of judging her because her 'wings' happen to be 'perky'. Obviously I ask to much from commercials that prtray heaven then I should. I don't believe in heaven, but if it does exist (I am agnostic) I refuse to believe that we will behave in a catty way towards one another, but then again that's my heaven, not a patriarchal version of one that has us continuing to compete with one another based on body standards. I hate TV.


Norigok said...

Lets face a heaven...why would we need to worry about how much crap is in wouldn't harm or do anything to us.

simply wondered said...

oh come on!
adverts - you know the things to make people buy stuff like mcdonalds, to make us think the tory party contains the occasional human (not the one they had for lunch) to make people with lots of money lots more money.
tv - organ of the patriarchy that we sit and watch instead of having a life.
as you said you do ask too much of TV and you shouldn't have one - nor should any of us. we should get lives. still trying to work out why the fuck i waste so much time in front of the bloody thing.
apart from 'arrested devlopment' which is one of thsoe occasional works of genius that the BBC try to protect the public from by putting it on every third Tuesday (except in March) at 11.45 (unless it's on earlier or later)and then abandon altogether with 3 episodes left in the season because the snooker is on.
what are you? a clown or something???

lost clown said...

I'm sorry did you have a point that goes with the post? Or just randomly ranting?