Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Ah school (in which the author is NOT anxiety blogging, but instead talking about patriarchy)

School's almost here which means my neighbourhood has been filled with loud drunken assholes all week. Woo. It was so quiet and peaceful. *sigh*

But what actually pisses me off more then having people screaming outside my window is that I will be subjected to another year of the school paper which has such fine pieces of journalism as a lovely piece about "spring skin" in which the author tells the women on campus that please, for the love of god, don't wear skimpy clothes. All the poor boys who can't help but turn you into pornography when you do, and they are completely defenseless. Their grades suffer and they just can't do anything except stare at your shoulder and drool from seeing skin. For them we should institute a school wide policy in which all women have to wear parkas no matter what the temperature. All skin showing is strictly prohibited (by women only, that is). Oh wait, this reminds me of something....

Really, why aren't more guys offended by this? Because according to the author, everytime you see the teensiest bit of skin (say maybe an ankle) the verbal part of your brain shuts off and you go into caveman mode. And why the hell is this in a campus paper? I generally don't read it because it is so well known as a piece of crap by anyone with half a brain, but everytime I pick it up it has sexist crap like that spread all over it. Oh joy. Here we go.


Laura said...

Good fucking question. If it's any consolation, my uni paper ran an article on how our uni is sexist because it has a women's committee and a women's safety bus. The idiot who wrote it was then given an entire page in which to vomit his foul, demented musings. Fucking uni politics. (I still haven't got fucking msn, otherwise I'd be chatting to you write now and swearing even more. Fuckin dial up. Stupid fucking patriarchal fukcing world). Gah.

Love you! xxx

CoolAunt said...

"Really, why aren't more guys offended by this? "

Because the benefits of not being held accountable for what others believe is out of their control outweighs by millions the offense of being described as mindless cavemen.

lost clown said...

I know, I just don't understand. It's like that whole "why do people join frats or sororities?" I'll never understand, but that doensn't make it easier to accept.