Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Good god damn

Why can't people be up front about shit that others do that bugs them so that the people doing the action can a) stop and b) apologise, not stay silent until a time when you have to hear about something you did a year ago that really freaked them out, but they never managed to tell you (even over a large distance in conversations held after the event took place).

Sorry if that didn't make sense. Just needed to vent, and since none (ok, one) of you will know who/what situation sparked this I felt like this was a good place to vent one of the things that really pisses me off. Like my friend who would never tell me that she didn't like hugging even though she always hugged me when we would see each other and never was awkward about it. (This came up on a night out when we were both rather tipsy and she was complaining about *another* friend who hugged her all the time. We'd (or at least people you should be friends with) would stop it if you would just tell us. *sheesh*)

Bah...I'm gonna go home and play with my cats. I can't believe I'll be away for a week and a half, and in someone else's house that will be party central this weekend, AND be full of guys I don't know. Awesome. I hope I get in touch with Soledad in the Bay Area so I have someplace safe and quiet to stay at. I don't sleep well around guys I'm not very close with, but really, can you blame me?

(Also can you blame me preferring to hang out with my cats, at least while I'm on the passive-agressive, everyone-thinks-I'm-an-asshole-for-being-blunt-and-truthful west coast.) Suddenly I don't want to go anywhere at all. Damn non-refundable plane tickets.


spotted elephant said...

Bah. Blunt and truthful is the only way to be. Life's too short, y'know? Why play games when you can just state what you want/don't want?

I hope you get in touch with your friend, and that your trip turns out better than it seems right now.

Sarah Louise Parry said...

A large proportion of peeps online se their blog to vent off ecess anger... so don't eat yourself up about it :)

Get what you mean about peeps not being up front about things, but as always bloody booze brings out the truth and kind of acts as a 'Truth Medicine' sometimes to unveil something that somebody hasn't had the guts to tell you.

Sarah Louise Parry said...

excess - excuse typos!

sparkleMatrix said...

Holding stuff in = brain Explosion. Recognised that one ages ago :-)

the nut said...

Hah, I'm with you on the bluntness and I live on the East Coast. There are many times I wish people would be straight up instead of playing all the stupid games.