Saturday, August 26, 2006

Anyone got a plane ticket lying around?

To SF for the IWW General Assembly next weekend? I was gonna train hop, but my parents showed up and I don't think I'll have enough padding to make sure I get there in time.

(And Ms. Jared I'm planning to stay for at least a week after the GA...wanna grab a cup o'coffee and talk revolution...assuming I can get down there somehow.)

Blah. Parents, not good. More on that later. Explains the muscle spasms and migraines though. Fuck.

***UPDATE*** Thanks to a scholarship fund set up to finance women trying to get to the GA (last year it was like 6/7 to 1, we need all the women we can get) I will only be paying $56 out of pocket for my plane ticket. Liza darling, give me a shout. I'm coming in around 1 on Thursday *AND* I'll be there until the 13th! WOOT! Also, Ms. Jared shoot me an email, I'd love to meet you!


TL said...

How much do busses cost? Sometimes long distance bus tickets aren't too expensive. You might be able to swing a one-way, or at least buy a ticket from however far you get by train in the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

hey if you make it to oakland i would love to hang out and catch up. did you get my email?
hope to see you soon.

ms. jared said...

i sent you an email. let me know what your schedule looks like so we can make a date. yay!

xoxo, jared

lost clown said...

emailed you back-gave you my #. Give me a call....we'll paint the town purple and black!

(and maybe I can meet your mew mew kittyfacehead)

Nate said...

hey there,
I just stumbled across your blog. We only met in passing at GA, which is too bad, but it's awesome you were able to attend. It was my first, I really enjoyed it. Though I'm wicked tired now afterward.

lost clown said...

Yeah, GA's can drive me insane, but I had some work that I needed to do.