Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Isn't prostitution HI-larious?

From the illustrious I'm Not a Feminist, But:

The delightful Channel 5 are set to screen a new comedy featuring the oh-so-hilarious lives of women working in a UK brothel. Conspicuously absent from this series will be rape, violence and drug addiction, in their place we have shoe collections, student debt, and a poor, hard done by male whose wife doesn't give him enough attention. Oh, and just to silence any of those whinging feminists who might complain, it's called Respectable - how dare you criticise these women for their choices? It's the oldest profession and it's time we starting giving these ladies some respect. Prude.

Please join me in saying a big fuck you to Channel 5.

And to reinforce it, write to:

Customer Services Five
22 Long Acre



Sarah Louise Parry said...

With pleasure! I signed the online petition today.

Radiodog said...

"Oh, teevee is showing me that the life of a prostitute isn't so hard after all! Maybe I should do that!"

*headdesk headdesk*

the writter's head on a pole please...

Zelda the Quark said...

Reminds me of a new "dating" show I saw a clip of on YouTube.

It was called 'The Whore' and the premise was that young unsuspecting bachelors were set up on dates with paid prostitutes. Apparently taking advantage of prostitutes is supposed to be a hilarious setup.

Thankfully, the show never made it past its pilots. Looks like cable TV might have some decency.