Thursday, July 03, 2008


So Matt's a better dancer yet he's not getting better then himself so he has to leave? How does this make sense in any way shape or form. "'re brilliant, but you're not getting more brilliant so you'll have to go." His solo was so much better then Thayne's.


Nigel made the right vote for Kourtni to stay, but then again he was the only one who noticed that Comfort's solo was weak and that at this point in the competition Comfort shouldn't be getting props simply because she' a hip hop dancer and should be held to the same standard as everyone else.


Tony said...

Does being really tall make it hard to dance certain styles? It looks that way to me.

lost clown said...

I don't know. I am tall (Kourtni's height 5'8") and I have trouble but is that because I'm not quite getting it or because I'm tall?

As you can see I have no way to gauge that or not. Although I do think that if you choreograph something for small people then it would be a challenge for tall people to do it. Though in the most recent hip hop and jazz routines I did I was the tallest and we were all doing the same things (though the one I'm thinking of was choreographed by a small person). Yeah some parts were harder for me, but I think it's because when there were major weight shifts (jumping around the chair in the one routine) I had to move faster and jump higher then everyone else (to get my feet to the desired height above the floor) all in the same count because I started farther away (long legs take me places); same with walks I had to make mine smaller to match more closely with theirs. It's harder to work with a short person.

With ballroom dancing I will say however that on the dance floor even when you're dancing with tall guys they don't always compensate for a tall partner. I've gotten conked in the head a few times by people who didn't adjust for someone tall. (And this with guys who were appx 6' tall-no excuse here.)