Sunday, July 06, 2008

I don't know whether to cry (Don't read if you haven't watched the series finale of Doctor Who 4)

or be really happy.

Man that series finale was a roller coaster and I LOVED IT. I love that Rose and (a version of the) Doctor got to be together because they love each other so much and that everyone was OK at the end even though Donna will never remember any of the amazing things that she's done or that she saved the universe. I loved all the companions around the console working together and the Daleks speaking German.

Exterminieren! Exterminieren!

And go Dalek Caan for wanting to destroy the Daleks forever, even if I doubt this means they will be destroyed forever. Damn that ending made me cry. I love Donna's grandfather, it feels like it's worse for him, because she'll never remember and he will. Damn. I don't see them ever doing a better finale. Ever.


belledame222 said...

I was really peeved with the ending, though, I have to say. I mean, up til then it was by far my favorite season of New Who; and they came -so close- to, I thought, getting deeper into some stuff they hadn't really addressed, if not resolving it--and then, wtf? I just--nnggh. I guess Catherine Tate wanted to leave, and they want to leave it open for her to come back (I am guessing), but just overall--the angst factor seemed gratuitous, and I -like- angst. But the whole, he ALWAYS ends up alone thing--dude, at least his other friends could've thrown him a party or something...


Also, the Rose resolution bugged me in the execution--yeah, it makes sense, but did Original!Doctor even -ask- if Rose wanted to go back to her old universe first? Or give her any choice at all?

that said, "Exterminieren!" was awesome. and the guy who played Davros had me hiding behind the sofa. and yeah, Bernard Cribbens kicks ass.

On the whole I think I'm really looking forward to seeing what Steven Moffat does with the show, I like his episodes best on the whole. Although "Midnight" was really really good, in general I think RTD's been kind of hit or miss.

and am really glad David Tennant didn't regenerate...