Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Noam Chomsky finally talks about women's issues

and I love it.

"the Hustler"


Maggie Hays said...

Yep, and I think Chompsky is being sincere.

I've seen that over at Heart's.

It's great he finally gets it!

Porn is degradation of women.

sillyrabbit said...

I've emailed to him about not porn, but mothers' rights and the oppression of women/society through making mothers work for free.....and he didn't seem to think it was an issue. I don't even know how to wrap my mind around that.

sillyrabbit said...

I've emailed him not about porn, but about the status of mothers and how women and society are systematically oppressed by making mothers work for free......and he doesn't seem to think it's an issue, let alone a real thing. I can't wrap my mind around that coming from anyone, much less Chomfsky (not that Chomfsky is necessarily "better" than others).