Monday, October 22, 2007


So I got my math test back today. The one that took me 3 hours and had 4 mini panic attacks during and have the prof that makes me feel stupid. I ACED IT!!!! Wooo Wooo!

Although it did bother me that when he was passing the tests back, some people did not want them back because he said that some people did bad, like around 60%, and mine was the top one and he said "For instance, Burrow wants hers back." I thought profs weren't supposed to do that. I kinda wanted to melt into my seat, but I was also like, hell yeah!

And I went for accupuncture today. Going to start going weekly in the hopes of healing me and getting me off so many meds (namely the migraine stuff, the muscle spasm stuff, the seroquel for sleep). Also I'm hoping it can help moderate my moods and allergies. After all that, I'm going to use it to help me quit smoking. That's my graduation gift to myself, because it's hella hard when I have a lot due every week and this is my most stressful quarter yet, which makes sense since the classes are higher level.

No physics yet.


Terry said...

Good job! That's fantastic!

nightgigjo said...

Woot!!! *throws a party*

I used to hate any positive attention I got if I aced a test like that (pre-serious feminism, that is). It's just an accurate assessment of how ya did, but when it's so much better than your expectations, it feels really good. :)

Hope the acupuncture works for ya. I'm a little skeered of needles, so I'm sticking to yoga. ^^

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your maths test success. And your new health plans? More you in the management and less them; yea!


lost clown said...

Again, I resent the fact that you imply that taking my western meds had nothing to do with my choices. I spent 4 years agonizing over the fact that I hate nonherbal meds and finally got to such a low point that I demanded them. My life has improved 10 fold. Which is all that matters.

I am sick of this bullshit and ask again, would you tell someone with a heart condition not to take their medication?

I thought not.

lost clown said...

nightgigjo: you generally don't notice the needles after they go in.

Anonymous said...

I was talking about the med.

And yes, I do think the same way about humulin, cholesterol lowering meds, angioplasty, statins, blood pressure meds, cox 2s, so-called "natural" hormones and the kind that come from horse piss. HRT, HT, medroxyprogesterone, herceptin ... more.

The meds are terrible, useless in 99 per cent of instances, poorly and inadequately researched, marketed to the tune of billionsof dollares while the research budget is a fraction of that, prescribed for people they were never tested on and for conditions for which they are not licensed. They should be removed from the market.

The meds.


Anonymous said...

Also, I would ask that you post my comment which you responded to so that everyone reading your response can see what I said, and can see that I am not whomever you addressed in your long post regarding the repeated harrassment you have had to endure. Your post preceded my comment. I didn't see it. That time lag does not excuse me, but I think people should know I am not the person(s) who has been harassing you.

lost clown said...

Actually I didn't publish your comment and it WAS you I was responding to. I will no longer publish your comments if you keep dismissing my feelings and how the meds have helped me immensely.

MaggieH of Against Pornography said...

Congratulations, Lost Clown!

I'm so glad you ACED your math test!!!

Lost Clown wrote to Anonymous (I think):
"I will no longer publish your comments if you keep dismissing my feelings and how the meds have helped me immensely." -- L.C.

I agree, Lost Clown, you need something to keep you going! I, myself, sometimes wouldn't be able to make it through life without Valium as well as my headache tablets! People also need to have more empathy for others!!!

Good luck for quitting smoking, Lost Clown! I completely quit smoking 3 years ago (and I also quit drinking 'round about the same time). And I had been a smoker for 7 years (from 1997 to 2004). So I'm sure you too can make it!