Friday, April 27, 2007

Fuckity fuck

My electric kettle is broken
I'm almost out of cat food
I'm out of migraine medication which only costs $10
I'm almost out of food

I have no money for any of it.

If you feel like helping me out, there's a donation button in the sidebar. Obviously I'm more worried about the middle two. At this point anything will help.

Who you'd be helping:




More pictures here


Endymion said...

Hi Lost. I have several cats and feeding them is a great way to start the day. As they matured, I noticed how they would walk by my feet and the plates in a random pattern similar to fish in a school. This is the first time that I've been to your blog, so I'm going to look around for cat photos. Before I donate, could you tell me what kind of cat food you purchase?

lost clown said...

Innova Evo.

Your cats sound fantastic.
There are buttons at the bottom of the page for each of the cats catster accounts. You should check them out (they're adorable)

Endymion said...

Good looking brood. Logan looks a bit more mischievious than Mischief. Mischief looks big boned, reminds me of my Wyoming. Well, I hope to have some pictures up during the week. Robbed a few graves last weekend and made a good haul. Bought a camera, don't know how to work it yet.

lost clown said...

Logan's only a year old, so is his sister Wolverine. He is a little terror. ;)

Anonymous said...

You are almost out of cat food?

You are almost out of food?

Eat two of your cats, sell the fur and use it to buy your meds and a bit more cat food. Problem solved!

Posting anonymously because there is no need to thank me. :-)