Monday, April 23, 2007

Bad TV

If you want to see mediocre to subpar dancing, just watch Dancing with the Stars. I watched (what was apparently) the Paso Doble being danced to some crappy pop song. So, yeah, the music sucks too. I can't wait until So You Think You Can Dance comes back in the summer. A dance show with REAL dancers.

This weekend I watched The Devil Wears Prada and I must say, I quite enjoyed it. Guilty pleasure I guess. I knew it was going to be horrible going into it because it's about the fashion industry, if anyone asks what's wrong with the fashion industry should just watch this movie. One of the characters is on a diet where she doesn't "eat anything, and then when I feel like I'm going to faint I eat a cube of cheese." The woman was a stick. Another great line is when the main character's getting something to eat and the guy tells her the main ingriedient in corn chowder is cellulite and then she asks if any of the girls there eat and he says "Not since 2 became the new 4, and 0 the new 2." (is there a size below 0? Like infant sized?) She then says "Well, I'm a 6." "The new 14."

One of the reviewers on Netflix says it's a great movie for moms to take their daughters to! Yeah, that's all we need, women watching a movie that says their size is morbidly obese if they're over a size 2. ARGH!

Funny thing is, I almost went into fashion design. I rethought that again when a friend of mine at Parson's who was in fashion design told me that I should go into it because I made a lot of my clothes and dressed kind of eccentric and, for lack of a better word, hip. Watching this movie made me miss being fashionable, but I never fell into the idea that I had to dress up, there were plenty of times I wore baggy pants and t-shirts. I just don't feel the pull to dress like I usually (read: when I'm in a city) do here, but that part of me is not gone. I am just waiting to move somewhere. I have my whole wardrobe (if it still fits me, I only have one pair of pants that fits me now because I gained weight and could only afford one pair of pants from a thrift store.)

The movie did get me to thinking about my weight, or more accurately the weight I have recently gained. It worries me only because my boobs have gotten bigger. It's nice to have a tummy that kind of balances that out, but I've always been heavy on top and want no help in that area. Since I don't really want to diet, and water polo season's over, I guess I'm just going to have to get off my ass and exercise. My therapist tells me to do it all the time anyway. Maybe the movie's influencing me as well. I think the bigger issue is that I'd love to fit into my pants again because I can't afford to buy new ones. (and I have some pants I love for the nice weather.)

I don't recommend it to anyone who has any body image issues, which would be most of us. Unless you're a masochist like I apparently am.

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Rebecca said...

Body image issues are tough! I try to avoid thinking from the perspective that I'm an 18 and I'll never get below a 12. Who cares about the numbers? (What, a mathematician who doesn't care about numbers?!?!)

My body image was the best when I felt like my body was able to do everything I wanted it to do. I could walk up four flights of stairs without getting out of breath, my knees weren't creaking with pain just at the thought of walking around, and I felt very strong both physically and mentally. (Even though I wasn't fashion-model material.) Exercise can do wonders.

lost clown said...

I hope I can get off my lazy keister and exercise. (I went from a size 8 to a size 12 in 2 months. eep)