Monday, April 23, 2007

Can we all just calm the fuck down?

If I hear one more "you ALL say/do this" from ANYONE I'm going to start smacking people.

No more threats
No more telling the other side that they can die horribly

EVERYONE go to the corner. YOU ALL HAVE A TIME OUT! Now get in that corner and keep facing the wall.

FERCHRIST"SSAKE point your anger and hatred towards the damn patriarchy, all right?

No, you are still on time out. No talking.


Faith said...

"point your anger and hatred towards the damn patriarchy, all right?"

I've been trying to say that for weeks, months even. I don't know. I have said it repeatedly though.

Winter said...


Amber said...


FallingStar said...

Aye Capt'n!

I agree. I'm tired of hearing about yet another 'blogwar' thing. Everyone gets so angry and says hurtful things and it all gets so effed up.

Staying out of things is easy for me I guess because I don't always read that many blogs very regularly, and the ones I do read tend not to be part of the whole fiasco.

lost clown said...

Neither do I, but unfortunately this one has popped up on my radar.

Kim said...

I love that you are in the world, LC Burrow! That's all :)

lost clown said...